2011 in pictures

Here’s some highights of what went on in my life this past year:

I had to travel to Arizona, as we lost my mother on New Year’s Eve. This is one of the last pictures I have with her and my children:

But, it wasn’t all sad times, because I got to get together with my BFF from junior high. Aren’t we cute?

She even helped me decorate a cake for my daughter’s birthday:

We spent some time at the zoo together

And I got to spend time with my daddy

We celebrated my daughter becoming a teenager in Arizona as well. She’s talking to her BFF back home here

I got addicted to food auctions….SO,

I did a lot of canning

The cows we raised were finally ready for the freezer

We installed a rocket stove in our home

And that required us to gather a lot of wood. Fortunately, I have strapping boys at my disposal

One of my BFF’s and I got an opportunity to go to the Women of Faith conference for FREE

And I got to meet Crystal of Money Saving Mom. She’s super nice in person! Wish I could’ve spent more time talking to her.

My daughter is a budding artist, and she painted a mural on my wall for me

And, finally, a friend who we buy goat milk from let us help her milk goats one night! My youngest really enjoyed it!

2012…here I come!


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