Books I want to read update

Having a Mary heart in a Martha world-Joanna Weaver
Cast of Characters by Max Lucado
Taking care of the ME In Mommy-Lisa Whelchel
A Place to Belong-Lisa Troyer
Total Money Makeover-Dave Ramsey (I reread this every year)
Crazy Love-Francis Chan
Courageous-Randy Alcorn
God Unwrapped-Michelle Holloman
A Confident Heart-Renee Swope
Omnivore’s Dilemma-Michae Pollan
In Defense of Food-Michael Pollan
Good Calories, Bad Calories-Gary Taubes
Projects to Get you off the Grid
The Backyard Homestead-Carleen Madigan
Surviving Off Off Grid- Michael Bunker

In An Omnivore’s Dilemma. Michael Pollan walks you through 4 meals that he eats, while taking you on a journey of how our food is produce, where it is produced, and who is the driving forces behind what we eat. I had known most of this information before, but it was very cool to see how it played out in his eyes. I really liked the parts about Joel Salatin and his totally self sustaining farm. It gave me a new vigor to be as self sustaining as possible.

In God Unwrapped I began to see a whole new light on the God I always thought I knew. Michelle takes you on journeys with other people, and I could see myself in most of these stories. It was a quick, easy read with short chapters that were easy to process.

The Backyard Homestead has quickly become one of my “go to” books while planning our homestead this year. Carleen gives a lot of ideas on how to use the space you have most efficiently, and this book is chock full of information about raising animals from ducks to goats to cows, as well as cover crops and what plants should go with what in a small space to maximize your production. Very plainly written, and not a lot of room for “questions of how?” in this makes it a new favorite!

What have you read lately? I would love to hear!

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