Dear Dad

Things have been happening so fast around here. Our new ducklings and chicks are growing by leaps and bounds, and have almost outgrown their current housing. I am not really ready to move them into the big coop yet, so we are working on an interim solution for them.

We had lost our first flock to a raccoon, if you remember, and Ka came up with the ultimate idea…christmas lights! We put several strings around the coops, and haven’t had a problem since!

We got the first batch of meat birds 2 weeks ago. They are so cute when they are tiny, but get to be soooo big right away! We started with 50 of them, and when the weather was so hot on Memorial Day weekend (temps with heat index of over 100) I was worried we would lose some to the heat. Nope, we lost a few when the weather took a 180 and dropped into the 40′s for overnight lows. First, we were trying to cool them off, the we scrambled to get the heat lamps back on.

Our goat farming days are sooo hard! I thought raising kids was tough! Sephira is so stubborn that it still takes two of us most times to milk her! I am not sure what I am doing wrong with her “training” and the internet offers little to no advice. Hopefully, my friend Adele will be around this week to be able to assist. She’s been so awesome with our goat journey! I am grateful that she has been willing to share her vast knowledge and help as much as she can.

Our Pekin Ducks are done growing, and all that is left is to take them to the processor, which we will do this week. It’ll be sad to see them go, actually. They have so much personality and are so much fun to watch! But, I am sure they will be just as tasty! I just have to figure out how to prepare them correctly.

There was a town garage sale this weekend, and it was scheduled on Saturday. Of course, most people started theirs on Thursday and Friday, so it rained very hard those days. Our garden needed the rain desperately so I didn’t complain. And that didn’t stop everyone from going out and seeking that perfect “treasure”. We found a couple of movies to watch and that was about it. Just not my year I guess as there was an abundance of baby clothes, toys, and accessories. My baby is going to be 8 this year, so he doesn’t need rattles anymore. Although, he would probably try and shoot them like a gun, but that’s another story.

I do have to admit, thought, living in a small town sure is interesting during “garage sale days”. They have this game called “Chicken Drop”. NO, it’s not dropping a chicken from a higher place…they put some plywood down, section it off into equal squares and sell the squares for $5 each.

Then, they take a chicken and wherever the chicken poops is the winner! The winner can win up to $300! And, hearing a crowd yell, “Poop, chicken, POOOOOOP!” makes for a lot of laughs!

I ran into one of your old small group families this weekend. She asked how you and mom are doing. She hadn’t heard about mom’s going to be with the Lord, and the shock on her face was hard for me to take. After a year and a half, I thought it would be easier to talk about. I was so wrong, Dad! I left nearly in tears. I miss her so much! And, having you so far away makes it all that much harder! I understand why you don’t want to come back to the cold winters, and I wish we could move closer to you. I miss you, Daddy.

Have a great day, I love you…

Your loving daughter

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  1. Dad says

    Beautiful writing! I can remember raising chickens and hearding them into the coop when the weather got cold or when the chicken hawk came around. I wish I could hellp you with the milking, but I never was good at hand milking either. I coudl put the machine on the cow, but my uncle Elmer had to do the hand finishing. We have had several days so fr of 100 pluss, including a 110 degree day. It’a a dry heat.

    Are the kids playing softball this year?

    Love Dad

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