Duck Muscle

We got our chicks and ducklings at the same time, so we naturally put them all together in the same chick coop. They grew to be a “flock” together and to this day, stay pretty much side by side. They were separated from the big hens for their protection and increasingly outgrew their run and home. So, we had to make a difficult choice during the day…

For the last week or so, we have let our chicks and ducklings free range with the big hens. If you have ever had chickens, you can understand the trust we had to place that our hens wouldn’t peck the little chicks to death. Scary at first, actually.

Well, the funny thing is is that one of the hens DID proceed to bully a chick. The chick took her pecks, then ran to the ducklings and made some loud chirping noises. The ducks proceeded to all get up and go after the hen! If I hadn’t witnessed it myself, I wouldn’t believe it, either!

Even a few days later, not one of the hens bothers the chicks anymore. Guess “I’m going to get my big brother and he’s gonna beat you up” works in the animal world, too…

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