It’s all about balance

Between a busy homesteading, homeschooling life, and trying to get some spring projects done, blogging has taken a back seat.

I can either blog about my life, or I can live it. Some people find that delicate balance between the two, but I am not one of them. UGH! So frustrating when I have lots of ideas, but by the time I drag myself into the house, get a shower, I can barely make it to my bed before I am fast asleep. Morning comes, and I am off like a bolt of lightening to do it again. We can add to that stress the fact that in two weeks time, my oven, washing machine and water softener all decided to quit as well! The emergency fund will only take replacing one of them (so as to not deplete it all the way!) and we have had to make some serious, hard choices.

I’ll tell ya, the laundromat has been my sanctuary some times. :) It’s bright and sunny, and for the most part, quiet. I don’t have to bake right now, as I really can’t, and meals are quick and simple. Cheese and crackers with fresh fruit and veggies are standard fare for now. And that is all right with everyone. We are so tired at night, that thinking about cooking and doing dishes would be torture!

So, I am taking this rare quiet moment to show you some things around our “farm” that have been happening this last week.

Our chicks have gotten bigger…much bigger. We are expecting the fayoumis to start crowing in another week or so, if any of them happen to be roosters. They will begin laying eggs by August as well!

Our ducklings have almost doubled in size as well! We had a tragedy the other day, as the weather that had been in the upper 70′s and 80′s suddenly turned cooooold overnight. Two of our ducklings had gotten too wet and too cold, and we found them barely alive. As I rocked them, holding a blow dryer over them and a heating pad under them, all I could do was pray that I wouldn’t have to explain to my 7 year old that two of his “babies” had died.

All seemed well, until the next morning, when he found one of them had died. It was a tragic moment for him, but life on a “farm” can be cruel sometimes. We prayed and rejoiced that his baby was with Jesus now.

On a lighter note, pea plants are taking off, especially with this cooler weather. I am sooo looking forward to fresh garden sweet peas!!

And our goat had a single doeling! So, we are finishing up the goat barn and yard tonight so we can add them to our family this weekend!

So, I will try and keep you posted as to what we are doing! I am working on a herb garden and some pallet gardens this next week, and I will be posting those pictures soon!

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