Poultry coming soon

We have most of our animals ordered for our “farm” this year.  Well, they are actually 4H projects, but some of them will be here permanently.

We will be showing Brahmas:

They are supposed to be good layers, and peaceful chickens.  Ka is excited about doing showmanship with one of these this year.

She is also planning on showing Egyptian Fayoumis.  I personally have never heard of these before this year, but this could be fun…or at least an educational experience, right?

And then, there is the waterfowl we are adding to our backyard collection this year.  I think I am personally most excited about them, because ducks are so much fun to watch.  They have this amazing personality, and they are so full of antics!  Here is what we are planning on:

Runners are supposed to be good egg layers, so they will help produce for us.  I am not sure about their meat and/or fat, but the Pekins will take care of that:

I can’t wait to get the chicks/ducklings going! Once they arrive, I will post pictures of them!


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