How to DIY~ Spill-Proof Mason Jar Lid with Straw Holder

spill proof lid with straw holder~The Homesteading Hippy

How to DIY~ Spill-Proof Mason Jar Lid with Straw Holder We like to use glass mason jars for our beverages. One, because I don’t use plastic, and two, we have a lot of them, and three, if the kids accidentally broke one of them, it wouldn’t be as “tragic” as they are easily replaceable. The… [read more]

What we do with our meat compost

Rather than try and explain it in writing, I am showing you the video that got us started on doing this ourselves.  Our chickens LOVE this in the spring, summer, and fall! Here’s another video, showing chicks going after the yummy proteins! Notice they don’t let any hit the ground!

The Big Date

2012-09-21_10-29-18_888 (1)

It’s time we let her grow up, and “spread her wings” so to speak.  I mean, she’s not a little kid anymore, right? We took her out on her first date.  A four hour round trip for us, but worth it, I hope.  I mean, we all dream of this day, don’t we? Our girl… [read more]

Rabbit Kits


This has been another challenging week.   My daughter decided to breed her French angora rabbits a month ago.  We were unsure whether or not it “took”, until the day before her due date when we felt the kits moving around in her belly. It was exciting! I came home from my early morning coffee on… [read more]

Independence Days Challenge

2012-05-13 09.23.16_wm

*This post is linked to High Desert Chronicles IDC* Plant Something: All our garden is in the ground! We planted the tomato plants (15 survived), pepper plants, basil, okra, more green beans, and replanted the spinach Harvest Something: 57 eggs, 6 cups goat milk, and our first spinach harvest!! We wound up with over 12… [read more]

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil-review and GIVEAWAY

I love coconut oil. I would use it on anything, in everything, for everything. From homemade toothpaste and deodorant to cooking, baking, frying, and smoothies. I love the versatility of this traditional oil! It’s light flavor makes it a winner in my house. My favorite place to find high quality coconut oil is Tropical Traditions.… [read more]

Homemade Mint Extract

homemade mint extract

  I have this garden full of mint. I got a small plant one year from a “friend” and now, I can’t seem to control it. Had I known then what I know now about the invasive-ness of mint…I would go back, and plant it in a large pot, not just allow them to stick… [read more]

Sad Part of Life…

It’s a part of life, especially on the homestead. A very sad part, but still a part of it. As we went to do our morning milking, feeding, and watering chores, hubby and I saw something terribly wrong with our ducklings and chicks. Their run was empty, not full of the fun life it contained… [read more]

Pics from around the homestead


Sephira eating some “browse”…she refused to share her goodies with Nellie. It was rather comical watching Nellie try and get some while Mom pulled it away to chew herself. After she had her fill, she finally allowed Miss Nellie to have some, too. Since our area is safe for the chickens to roam freely, they… [read more]

Obama administration to criminalize teens working on their own family farms –

Total insanity: Government trying to outlaw children working on family farms. via Obama administration to criminalize teens working on their own family farms – When is this insanity going to end?  My kids love 4H, and this regulation could effectively end this!  I am all for kids being safe around equipment, but like they… [read more]