Monday Menagerie


Here’s some of my favorite “girls”. They have so much personality, and they are truly funny to watch. During the warm Spring and Summer days, I will be outside with them, just watching them waddle all over, swim in the kiddie pool, and quack conversations to each other. According to Wikipedia: Indian Runners are an… [read more]

Independence Days Challenge

2012-05-13 09.23.16_wm

*This post is linked to High Desert Chronicles IDC* Plant Something: All our garden is in the ground! We planted the tomato plants (15 survived), pepper plants, basil, okra, more green beans, and replanted the spinach Harvest Something: 57 eggs, 6 cups goat milk, and our first spinach harvest!! We wound up with over 12… [read more]

Pics from around the homestead


Sephira eating some “browse”…she refused to share her goodies with Nellie. It was rather comical watching Nellie try and get some while Mom pulled it away to chew herself. After she had her fill, she finally allowed Miss Nellie to have some, too. Since our area is safe for the chickens to roam freely, they… [read more]

Independence Days Challenge

*This post is linked to High Desert Chronicles IDC* Plant Something: We got our garlic into the ground around our apple trees…so far we planted 100 cloves, with about 300 to do Harvest Something: 44 eggs, 3 cups goat milk Preserve Something: Froze 2 gallons of chicken broth this week Waste Not: Got a LOT… [read more]