Pics from around the homestead


Sephira eating some “browse”…she refused to share her goodies with Nellie. It was rather comical watching Nellie try and get some while Mom pulled it away to chew herself. After she had her fill, she finally allowed Miss Nellie to have some, too. Since our area is safe for the chickens to roam freely, they… [read more]

Books I want to read in 2012

Here is some of the books I am planning on reading in 2012: Having a Mary heart in a Martha world-Joanna Weaver Cast of Characters by Max Lucado Taking care of the ME In Mommy-Lisa Whelchel A Place to Belong-Lisa Troyer Total Money Makeover-Dave Ramsey (I reread this every year) Crazy Love-Francis Chan Courageous-Randy Alcorn… [read more]

Ignorance truly IS bliss

If you’re anything like me, you try and keep up with all that’s going on in the world. I mean, that’s the smart thing to do, right? Until you get so inundated with information, that it’s a misery to you. And that is what has become of me. All the info that I see on… [read more]

Winter and spring projects

I’ve been thinking about my spring projects a lot lately. I usually make an enormous list that is humanly impossible for even master craftsman to complete, but expect myself and my hubby to be able to. My first project is to fence in the yard. We currently do NOT have fencing, and that will make… [read more]

Black Friday

Every year, I get that “itch”. And my friend Nancy and I spend hours pouring over ads, plotting routes, coffee stops, and where each of us will go in that store. We start at 11:30 Wednesday night, at CVS for their sales. We go to Walgreens in the morning on Thursday, then eat turkey all… [read more]



Last birthday, my husband got me a new coffee maker. A Keurig, to be exact. Isn’t it pretty, next to all those beeeeeyooooutiful k-cups? You just, rotate, choose, and brew, people! Well, those little buggers can be downright expensive! Even ordering online with a HUGE DISCOUNT makes them around $.30 each. Cheaper than Starbucks, fo… [read more]

No Grocery Store Update

Here’s what I bought this week: Yep…that’s it. NOTHING. I “enjoyed” using up what I had in the freezer, getting some beans, peas, lettuce, and spinach from the garden, and I was very blessed by a friend with some ducks. Frozen ducks. With the head, feet, and eyes still on it. It was creepy, to… [read more]

No Grocery Store???

After reading this story about a family taking the pledge of going “no grocery store” for a year, my family and I sat down.  We talked about whether or not we could accomplish the same task.  Of course, there were questions, fears, and troublesome thoughts of what we would have to do without, but we… [read more]

New Year’s Resolutions


I am fully aware that I am three days early here, but I am so in the mood for January. Let’s file that under “words I never thought I would write”, shall we? I have a few Resolutions, or things I want to accomplish this year. And some of them will need some serious motivation… [read more]

Start your garden NOW

With the cold weather beginning to hit in many parts of the country, it’s hard to believe that NOW is the time to start planning your garden! But, truly, it is. This is the perfect time of year for it. Here are some helpful ideas: to pursue beginning your garden now, come on over…