Normally, this time of year, it’s hot. It’s humid. It’s almost unbearable outside. BUT, today, I was given a gift. It’s going to be 77 degrees, with less than 50% humidity. I opened the windows, and I am enjoying a refreshing breeze! Great day to work in the garden and get the laundry caught up… [read more]

Black Diamond Cleaner-review


<a style=”display: none;” href=””><span></span></a> Well, to start with, I applied to review this product, believing the description that it would be from an eco-friendly company since it states: This 100% biodegradeable daily cleaner is safe to use on all kitchen, bath and other marble, granite and tile counter tops… Well, maybe the cleaner is bio… [read more]

It’s still me…

...and the other shelf of yummy goodness...

and I know it’s been a while since I wrote a real post.  Believe me, I KNOW.  I have been super duper busy canning tomatoes, apples, peaches, and potatoes.  My pantry is FULL of canned goodness and I am “ready” for winter.    Wanna see? We were also recently blessed with a large chest freezer,… [read more]

Laundry Phenomena

I am now relegated to having my mail forwarded to my laundry room “Care Of” the washing machine. I think that it grows when I am not standing right there. What I have seen personally are the phenomena that plague human kind. Here are just some of them, maybe you can relate? The phenomena that… [read more]