The Last Hunger Season- review

In the book, The Last Hunger Season by Roger Thurow, we are taken on a journey through the lives of some farmers in Kenya, Africa.

Each one of these farmers were small scale farmers who could barely grow enough crops to survive each season, and many times went without food.   In our modern daily lives in richer countries, we cannot fathom really having to decide whether to make a school tuition payment of approx USD of $237 or eating that month.   These farmers needed help, and change.

Through One Acre Fund, they are able to get new seeds, fertilizer, and most of all, knowledge of planting, growing and harvesting.  They are able to grow more crops, and grow more successfully, providing them the ability to better feed themselves and their families.  There are still hurdles to climb over, such as being able to save maize to sell when the prices go up, and make some cash to cover school payments, or to buy an animal. Of course, with the rainy season, there are mosquitos and malaria and medicines will be needed.  Having something to sell for money for medicines means the difference between life and death to these people.

This book is an eye opener to seeing beyond our own selfish desires and allowing us to feel others pain.  Charting these  lives from pure deathly poverty and the fight to survive will show you the heart and faith of the people of Kenya.

To learn more about The Last Hunger Season and the documentary film it inspired, please visit, Thurow’s blog http://GlobalFoodForThought.typepad.comor

**I received a FREE copy of this book via TBB Media for the purpose of this review and no other monetary compensation was received.  All opinions are 100% mine**

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