Three Things Thursday

I had an “epic” post last week that went over so well, that I thought I would continue the theme. So, here are more things about me, in my favorite groups of 3:

Three things I like to cook:
1. greek tacos
2. osso bucco
3. homemade bread

Three things I did this past week:
1. Helped a friend move her bookstore
2. Puppy-sat for another friend while on vacation
3. Started our fence in the backyard

Three things I hope to do this next week:
1. Finish the fence
2. Start the goat barn
3. Find a source of hay

Three things I am excited about:
1. We get our chicks next week! (pics to follow)
2. Spring is going to be here this week…it’s in the 60′s!
3. The sun has been shining!

So, what about you? Got three things about yourself you want to share?

NOW, for the moment you all have been waiting for…the winner of last week’s $10 Starbucks gift card is (as chosen by…

drumroll, please…

And this comment # belongs to…

SARAH, who said:
I’m Sarah.
1. We have two sheep living in our backyard.They’re not ours, though–they come with our rental house. We call them the rent-a-pets.
2. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 10.
3. I have three daughters. Looking after them is the best job I’ve ever had

Congrats, and thanks so much to all who entered and stopped by. Stay tuned, because there will be another giveaway coming soon!

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