50+ Amazing Blueberry Recipes

Blueberry season usually happens in early July for us in Indiana.

We love to to our local blueberry farm and pick berries as often as possible for those 8 weeks they are open. Besides eating them fresh, we usually want different ways to eat them.

I have for you a list of some of the best blueberry recipes ever!

Ah, the amazing blueberry! Whether you have fresh, frozen or canned, you'll find lots of delicious ways to enjoy them with over 50 recipes to choose from! The Homesteading Hippy


  • Don’t these blueberry pancakes From Real Simple Good look yummy?
  • And for a great start to your day, try these Ricotta Berry Oatmeal Cups from Nutrilicious
  • Delicious Balance has some yummy looking scones!
  • WholesomeYum has some scones with a delicious looking glaze!
  • Reformation Acres has a twist on scones…blueberry sourdough!
  • Can you say “ohmyyumminess”? These lemon blueberry muffins from It Takes Time will have you singing praises!
  • Need some almond in yoru life? Try these blueberry almond butter pancakes from Food Hunter
  • And allergy free blueberry muffins from Just Take A Bite are so simple to make!
  • Everyday Made Fresh claims these are the best blueberry muffins!
  • Love Joy Food celebrates berries with this blueberry almond coffee cake
  • For a cereal twist, try this blueberry granola from Healthy Helper
  • Switch it up from muffins to cake with this gluten free recipe from Trayer Wilderness
  • And The Untrained Housewife follows suit
  • Homestead Honey shows her talent for cooking off grid with her blueberry muffin recipe
  • Melissa K. Norris takes a new twist and adds bananas to her blueberry banana muffins!
  • Cookies for breakfast? Sure thing with these Berry Oatmeal Breakfast cookies from Untrained Housewife
  • Desserts

  • Who can resist blueberry cheesecake? And in ice cream to boot? From Recipes to Nourish.
  • How about popsicles from Just Take a Bite
  • Blueberry meets lemon for an amazing flavor combination in this cake from Real Simple Good.
  • Topped with ice cream or real whipped cream, this Apple Blueberry Crisp is sure to be a hit!
  • This dairy free berry mousse from Whole New Mom may just be our new family favorite!
  • Blueberry Bread Pudding With Vanilla Creme Sauce…do I need to say more about The Organic Kitchen?
  • Everyone’s favorite-blueberry pie from Food Hunter
  • Or this pie from Just Take a Bite
  • Who can resist blueberries and peaches in this flavorful cake from Food Hunter?
  • Need Gluten Free? Try this blueberry crisp from This Is So Good.
  • Or this version from StacyLynnHarris
  • Or this Spring Berry Pie from Farm Fit Living
  • Little Blog On the Homestead has a version that includes apples too
  • Or a lemon blueberry sorbet
  • Or for healthy snacks, try these blueberry pie bars from Just Take a Bite.
  • Check out the blueberry cheese pie from Kimversations
  • Wonderfully Made shares a delicious blueberry curd recipe that will be so refreshing in the summer
  • And this blueberry cheesecake bread pudding is out of this world yummy!
  • I’m drooling at the thought of this lemon blueberry crumble from The Rustic Elk
  • Or this blueberry apple crumble would be fantastic
  • And this blueberry peach crumble from Melissa K. Norris sounds amazing!
  • This blueberry cake from Ilka’s Blog is even gluten free!
  • Blueberry Buckle brings back so many memories of my father. This recipe from Little Blog on the Homestead was his favorite dessert!
  • The Sustainable Couple keeps the blueberries fresh in this shortcake recipe.
  • Blueberry and lemon meet with cinnamon swirl in this bundt cake recipe from Untrained Housewife.
  • Savory and Salads

  • Red cabbage, peas and blueberries get to know each other in this salad from Nutrilicious.
  • Avocado meets Blueberry in this salad from The Organic Kitchen
  • Like this blueberry syrup from Grow a Good Life
  • Or this sugar free version from Wonderfully Made
  • Or this frappe from The Organic Kitchen
  • Try this refreshing blueberry lemonade from The Rising Spoon
  • Or a blueberry mint kombucha!
  • Blueberry and ginger zing in this smoothie
  • This balsamic blueberry sauce from One Acre Vintage Home could be served over chicken or turkey!
  • BBQing this summer? Try this bluberry BBQ sauce from Little Blog on the Homestead
  • For salads, marinades or cooking, this blueberry thyme basil vinegar from Melissa K Norris is amazing!
  • This blueberry cornmeal skillet cake from GrowForageCookFerment is a great dish for cast iron cookware
  • What are your favorite ways to use blueberries? Be sure to pin this for later

    Ah, the amazing blueberry! Whether you have fresh, frozen or canned, you'll find lots of delicious ways to enjoy them with over 50 recipes to choose from! The Homesteading Hippy

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    2 thoughts on “50+ Amazing Blueberry Recipes”

    1. I just love blueberries! We live in the middle of 5 acres of woods – surrounded by a bounty of wild blueberries. Thanks for all these recipes.

    2. Beside strawberry, Blueberry is one of the healthiest foods I really love. And they require no pitting or peeling. I usually combine it with strawberry in a beautiful smoothie. It is so great. That is called strawberry blueberry smoothie. I added just a touch of vanilla extract for a wee bit of sweetness and used regular milk and found the smoothie very light and refreshing! Thanks for sharing!

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