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water kefir soda post

Water Kefir Soda Recipe: Easy to Make and Really Good for You!

A few years ago, I had noticed a “new drink” at the grocery store. I plucked the bottle off the shelf in the cooler and turned it over in my hands, reading the label. It made mention of kefir, probiotics, and fermentation. I think the word that stuck out most to me was “fermentation”. When …

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Giving up caffeine? Don't worry about the flavor, taste, aroma and feel of coffee! It's right here in this blend! The Homesteading Hippy

Herbal Coffee Substitute

I am a coffee addict. There, I said it. I live for my daily cup. Or three. While coffee may have gotten a “bad for your health” rap a few years ago, growing research is showing that moderate coffee consumption is actually GOOD for you. Which makes me a happy homesteader. Like I said, I …

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lavender rose lemonade post

Lavender Rose Lemonade

A long day on the homestead of gardening and caring for the animals requires refreshment. While water is satisfying, and necessary, there are times that you want another option. It’s easy during those times to reach for a soda, or other sugary drink to quench our thirst. When my kids were little, I used to make …

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