Cooking With Cast Iron: 45 Delicious Recipes To Try Today

Some women like to collect pretty things, such as vases, flowers, figurines. Some, however, like to collect cast iron.

Having multiple cast iron pans makes meal prep so much easier, as you can grab what you need and go from stove top to oven with ease.

cast iron skillet
cast iron skillet

Some advantages of cast iron cookware are it heats quickly, cooks food evenly, and can be used over the stove, campfire and more.

There really is no limit to the recipes you can make with cast iron. From chicken and beef to pasta or desserts, a good cast iron pan can do it all.

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Some of my favorite cast iron pieces that I use daily are:

  • 3 quart pot. Perfect for veggies, soups, and making bread.
  • Dutch oven. Also great for bread, whole chickens, and deep dish meals.
  • 10 inch skillet. My go to for eggs, casseroles, and meatloaf.
  • Pizza Pan. Great not only for pizza, but for fajitas and large servings of bacon and eggs.
  • Waffle maker.
  • Wedge pan. Great for making cakes, cornbreads, and even cookies in easy serving sizes.

Cast iron is also great for cooking because it cleans up easily when it’s well seasoned. Simply wipe the food off, add a bit of oil and you’re good to go for the next recipe!

Well-seasoned cast iron has an excellent non stick coating, even better than Teflon. If the seasoning is causing food to stick, simply clean well, and reason your cast iron.

Keeping Your Cast Iron Pieces in Great Condition

To keep cast iron seasoning at its best, follow these tips:

  • Don’t ever use soap to clean the pan.
  • Don’t allow water to sit in pan for long periods of time (such as soaking)
  • If food gets stuck, apply a thin coating of salt and rub food away.
  • Don’t use metal utensils on the pan to avoid scratching the surface.
  • Clean pan as quickly as possible after use.
  • Add a bit of oil such as tallow or coconut oil after cleaning while pan is hot.

Some brands of cast iron to consider:

  • Lodge-currently the most commonly found brand, it’s available even at Walmart or other large stores.
  • Griswold-very vintage, and can be pricey or hard to find. (interested in vintage? Check out this site here)
  • Le Cruset-very “French” and quite pricey, but gorgeous pieces to add to your collection.

If you are ready to cook with cast iron, but aren’t sure what to cook, these recipes are a great place to start!

Cast Iron Chicken Recipes

From whole chickens, to chicken pasta dishes, this is the way to cook poultry!

Cast Iron Beef Recipes

Cast Iron Casseroles/Pizzas Recipes

Cast Iron Snack Recipes

Cast Iron Bread Recipes

Cast Iron Side Dish Recipes

Cast Iron Breakfast Recipes

Cast Iron Dessert Recipes

What are your favorite cast iron pieces? How often do you use them? Be sure to pin this for later!

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