Emergency Supplies to Keep In Your Vehicle in Winter

With winter weather being so unpredictable, it’s a good idea to be ready for anything.

Our weather can go from clear and sunny to 3 inches of snow coming down within 30 minutes. Sometimes faster. Getting stuck in a snowbank, during a heavy snowstorm is no fun at all. Trust me on this. We have already discussed 7 things you need in your car, but there were a few things missing. Here are 7 MORE emergency supplies you need to keep your car this winter.

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Toilet paper is a handy item.

Actually, you should have a roll in your car no matter what the season because you just never know. Especially when driving longer trips, sometimes those highway rest areas are not as well attended, and having your own tissue comes in handy. You can also use tissue for minor cuts and scrapes, a small pillow, or as a napkin to wipe your hands.

You never know how long you could be stuck somewhere, so a pocket saw may come in handy.

If you need to cut some twigs or branches out of your way, or for building a fire away from your vehicle to keep warm, this could be a game changer for you. We keep 2-3 of them in each vehicle normally, as there are normally multiple people who could help with this chore if needed.

Speaking of shelter away from your vehicle, having a couple of tarps is a great idea.

While I usually don’t recommend going to far away from your vehicle in case help arrives, having a way to build a shelter so you can warm up with a fire can help. Tarps are easy to store, are cheap and are quite versatile. You can also place this over your windshield during the winter to minimize the amount of snow and ice that build up on it, lessening the time spent on scraping. Speaking of which, do you have extra ice scrapers in case one breaks?

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If you find yourself stuck in a snowbank, with snow flying all around, it may be hard to see your vehicle.

Especially those of you with white vehicles, and at night. So, a brightly colored scarf tied to the antenna is a great idea to alert rescuers that you are there. Carry several bought cheaply from thrift stores for this, and for adding another warm layer of clothing. For this, the uglier the better, due to the chance of the bright colors more easily seen.

You have a way to call for help, but what if the battery is low on your phone?

You are not going to be able to always count on charging it from your vehicle. You don’t want to keep the vehicle running for long periods of time without moving, and you don’t want to drain the vehicle’s battery. So, having an external battery or two that are charged up is very helpful. I love mine, and it can charge my phone to full charge three times before needing to be plugged back in itself. Of course, you can also pick up external battery at just about any drugstores, chain stores, or most gas stations these days.

Speaking of batteries, what do you do if your vehicle battery dies?

Well, the tow truck usually has jumper cables, but what if they don’t? Or you are able to get moving again without being towed, but the battery is dead? You NEED jumper cables in your vehicle, and not just during the winter. They will come in handy in all sorts of weather, trust me on this. Even if you are helping someone else out, jumper cables should come standard in every vehicle in my opinion. That, along with flares and caution signs alerting others that your vehicle is disabled on the road.

Do you have a first aid kit?

Well, you should. At least bandaids and some antiseptic. And that should be during every season, not just winter. The best kits will have gauze, cleansing wipes, and an Ace Bandage for minor snow shoveling injuries. You will want to keep some lightweight heating blankets in there as well for helping keep a body warm.

What else would you keep in your vehicle for emergencies? What are some of the items I missed?

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7 thoughts on “Emergency Supplies to Keep In Your Vehicle in Winter”

  1. What a comprehensive list – thanks for sharing. Things I might not have thought of would be the toilet paper and the saw.

    1. our country sheriff actually gave me that idea! It’s something you don’t think about needing until you need it and dont have it 🙂

  2. I would add to your list a smaller sized winter shovel… living in Canada I can’t tell you how many times a shovel has been necessary to help get someone’s car unstuck in the snow, and if you get stuck with no one around to help, you can always use it to get yourself unstuck… a small bag of kitty litter is good to have too if your tires are spinning on ice, plus it will add a little weight to the back of your vehicle too.

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