Goals for 2014

I am having a hard time thinking that 2014 is just days, even hours away. Writing out goals for 2014 is even harder, to be honest. I am so not done with 2013!!!

But, here are some of our homestead goals this coming year:

1. To put in a composting toilet. I think that there are many great reasons for this, but our main goal is to be ready for any type of power outage. We have experienced many of those this past year, and not being able to flush the toilet during that time made us really want to do that.
2. To expand our garden even more. It currently takes up almost 30% of our yard, but we will be expanding it to cover nearly 60% this coming Spring. We are able to grow about 45% of our produce currently, but our goal is to grow 75% of our produce this year. Along those lines we will be planting more of less items. So, more green beans and peas, but skipping out on things like carrots and celery. We didn’t have a lot of success with either of those, and it took way to much of our time and energy trying. We will spend more time on things that are very successful for us then.

3. Continue working toward a debt free life. Debt is never a good thing, and we have been working toward removing that from our life for a while now. We did make a few bad choices in 2013 and wound up with more debt again, but we have a goal to get out of it.
turkeys wanting to be petted
4. New layer chickens, more turkeys, and more meat chickens. We raised about 100 meat chickens last year, all at one time. This year, we are planning on raising 200 meat chickens but at different times of the year. That way, we are not worrying about an entire flock in the hard summer heat. We lost quite a few due to the heat last year, and raising 1/3 in the Spring and 1/3 in the Fall should help with that. We also will raise 15 turkeys this year, vs. 10.

We used the meat as burger as well, and loved being able to swap it with red meat at times. Our hens are all older now, and we are planning on replacing our entire laying flock with new chicks this Spring and culling the older ones as soon as we start getting eggs.

5. Continue to work toward a trash free life. We were able to reduce our trash by only about 50% overall this last year, compared to a goal of 80%, but it WAS a step in the right direction. We are going to be working toward reducing it even more this year, and hopefully be able to get rid of our trash service all together.

Hardly what you would call “lofty” goals, but it’ll carry us through this year, I think. What are some of your goals for 2014?

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6 thoughts on “Goals for 2014”

  1. Krystyna @ Spring Mountain Living

    These are great goals – I have some of the same ones too. If you need help with a simple composting toilets or tips, hit me up! We got our system down after some trial & error!

  2. Great list of goals! We are focusing in farm business goals this year, but I do need to make the jump to raising meat chickens and turkeys. Pigs are my main animal goal for this year though!

  3. Suzi Satterfield

    Those are some pretty darned impressive goals! I’m just wondering about the toilet issues being related to a power outage… Are you on a well? (Because, well, that would make sense!)

  4. Great goals. I have never heard of a composting toilet. I need to rework being debt free. We ran into a lot of medical debt last year. We have insurance but hospital stays and surgery have huge deductibles.

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