How to Use Period Pads in an Emergency


Let’s talk about something most women don’t discuss often, shall we?

Many women, especially those who have given birth or are over the age of 30 have LBL. What’s LBL? It’s “light bladder leakage”. You know, that little bit of dribble you can experience when you cough, sneeze, laugh or move wrong? It happens to more women than you think, honestly. For some reason, we all get embarrassed about it and instead of buying specially designed pads for that, we use pads that are designed for periods. We must think that since 50% of the world’s population gets their period each month, that we are the only ones who experience a bit of bladder leakage.

I say be embarrassed no more!

It’s okay if you have to cross your legs tight when you are laughing, or coughing, or sneezing!!! Because 1 in 3 women are right there with you. And, I say that if you need the protection, to go ahead and take care of yourself! Try Poise Pads and get a FREE sample to see for yourself how much better the protection will be! To purchase them, I found them right on the shelf in the personal care protection aisle at our local drugstore.

Of course, you may wind up with a few extra period pads laying around.

There are quite a few things to do with them besides just your monthly period. Here’s just a few ways to #RecycleYourPeriodPad.

  • In an emergency, they make great gauze pads for larger cuts, so toss some in your bug out bag for that reason
  • You can also use them in a pinch to clean up messy liquid spills, so make sure to have some in your camping gear.
  • #recycleyourperiodpad

    So, don’t be held back by light bladder leakage and give your period pads a new duty around the house!

    Don’t forget to get your free sample of Poise to try for yourself here.

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