DIY Magnetic Knife Strip for 5 Bucks

Trying to find a knife rack that holds knives by the stove instead of in a block?  I thought, “no problem…they are everywhere, right?”


I found this out as we were doing our kitchen makeover, and got really frustrated. NO ONE had a magnetic knife strip. NO ONE.

I thought about ordering online, but when I went to our local office supply store, I found these heavy duty magnets:

two small rectangular magnets

Four packages and a strip of oak wood later, hubby screwed the whole thing into the wall and I hung my knives up:

knives attached to a DIY magnetic strip

Cool, huh?  Now I don’t have the knife block on the counter and I don’t have to worry about some of the knives not fitting correctly into it. They are out of the way, yet easy to reach. And the magnets have some awesome holding power!

Make a Magnetic Knife Holder 3 Different Ways

DIY magnetic knife strip Pinterest image

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