Learn to Defend Yourself

learn to defend yourself

Image you are walking in the grocery store parking lot, and someone comes up behind you and grabs your hair to drag you off somewhere.

Of course, keeping calm is one thing, but what else can you do to get away from them? First, grab their hands, preferably at their wrists and push down on your head. Yes, push down. Next, you’ll want to do what’s called a “stun”, or something that will take their minds off the fact that they are holding your hair. This is a kick, or tossing your head back, whatever you can to cause your attacker pain. Then, begin to turn under and that will cause their wrist to need to let go. Once you have turned around, and they let go of your hair, RUN!

My awesome kids have volunteered to show you how this is done in real time.

This video is a very short one, but could help you!

But, what if someone comes up in front of you to choke you?

First, once you feel their hands on your throat, tuck your chin down. This will buy you some time and get a bit of pressure off your windpipe. Then, widen your stance a bit if you can to help stabilize you. Move your arms up in between their arms, and make fists. Using all your strength, push their arms out from near your body. Follow up and either punch them in the chest, or in the face so you can get away. And then RUN!

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2 thoughts on “Learn to Defend Yourself”

  1. I learned these techniques AFTER the fact — I was kidnapped and raped and left for dead. It’s a good idea to be prepared AHEAD of time! Thank you

    1. I am so sorry that you had to deal with that. My hope is that by bringing these videos, others can defend themselves and not have to go through what you did.

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