LifeStraw-Clean Safe Water On The Go

Clean water is a necessity for life. No clean water=disease or even death. But, how do you get clean water on the go or in an emergency situation?

Have you heard of LifeStraw?

lifestraw with water bottle

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Take a LifeStraw with you. This easy-to-use filtered water bottle removes 99.9999% of bacteria so you can rest assured that you will have clean drinking water on-the-go.

Not only does LifeStraw® Go provide you with clean drinking water, but LifeStraw®’s ‘Follow the Liters’ campaign provides one school child in Africa with safe drinking water for an entire school year with the purchase of any LifeStraw® water filter.

I recently got the opportunity to try a LifeStraw, and I am so glad that I did. Well, my son did anyway. He is a Boy Scout and their troop is active in hiking, camping, and all manners of outdoors stuff. He was so happy when he saw the package, because it was something his troop had been talking about “needing” for their next hike.

We read the directions on how to get the filter going, and set about to soaking the filter inside the water bottle with cold, clean water. Then, he filled it up with our rusty well water and tried a drink. The look on his face said it all…the water was much better tasting. Two thumbs up for that one!

using the lifestraw water bottle

Then, the next test was to drink some rain water from our rain barrel. I was a bit nervous about this one, but the straw was supposed to remove 99.9999% of bacteria.

I didn’t let him drink it at first, I was the one who tried it. The water tasted just like it had come from our Berkey. I am not able to measure the amount of bacteria that was in the water vs. what was left after filtering, but we judged by the taste of it.

lifestraw clean water anytime anywhere

The filter itself is easy enough to care for, as we just let it dry out during “down times” and just soak it in cold water before we head out again.

The bottle cleans quickly with soap and water and is made of heavy duty materials that are perfect for putting in a backpack or just on the go. Each filter will filter out 1,000 liters, so you are sure to have clean water at your fingertips for quite a while.

How do you get clean drinking water on the go? Do you have a LifeStraw in YOUR bug out bag or backpack?

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