How to Make Your Own “UN” Plastic Wrap

If your house is anything like mine, your lids and bowls never seem to match. I actually have gotten rid of most of the lids, due to breakage or inability to find a bowl mate.

Most of my bowls are lidless and very lonely. However, I do need to be able to cover a bowl one in a while, either for fridge storage of leftovers or to take to a carried dish supper or event.

I could use aluminum foil or plastic wrap, but I don’t like the idea of one use items and I really don’t like the idea of unnecessary trash. I have learned how to make my own “un” plastic wrap for food storage. Here’s how I did it.

unplastic wrap horitzontal

First, you are going to need a few items

  • an old cloth (I used an old cloth napkin, but an old bandana or scrap of fabric would work too
  • a food brush that you don’t want to use for anything else
  • an old cookie sheet that you never want to use for anything else
  • 4 Tablespoons beeswax

It’s so simple to do this, really.

But, trust me when I say you want to use items you never want to use again, especially the cookie sheet. The beeswax is nearly impossible to get off of there. If you figure out how to completely remove it, I am all ears! Heat up the oven to 500°. While that is heating, lay out your cloth on the cookie sheet and sprinkle with 3 Tablespoons of the beeswax. Place in the oven for 3-5 minutes, keeping a close eye on it.

unplastic wrap

As the beeswax begins to melt…

…carefully remove from the oven. Using the brush, “brush” the melted wax over the cloth. You want to create a thin layer all over it. Be careful, because the wax is really hot right now and can burn you. Trust me on this one.

Move the cloth on the cookie sheet so you can make sure to get melted wax on all of it. Sprinkle the remaining beeswax over the untreated parts and remelt in the oven. Continue to melt and brush until the whole cloth is covered.

unplastic wrap steps

Once the cloth is completely covered, remove from the cookie sheet.

Lay flat to dry and cool completely. This won’t take long at all, really. As soon as I held it up to take a picture, it was dry and cool. It will be fairly stiff, but it’s still easy to fold and manipulate for storage. Store away from direct heat and sunlight until ready to use.

To use this wrap

Simply warm up in your hands a moment and begin to lay out over container you want to cover. Your body heat will soften it up and you should be able to press down and “form” a lid.

This isn’t super air tight in the fridge, but you can get a pretty good cover with this. You can also wrap up foods for the freezer temporarily with this as well. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

18 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own “UN” Plastic Wrap”

  1. Iron the beeswax up with newspaper. Place the newspaper on the beeswax and use a HOT iron. The newspaper will absorb the wax. Repeat with a fresh piece of paper until beeswax is gone!

    1. It’s just natural beeswax. You can use the cookie sheet as if it were pre-greased for food/baking or, if there’s more than just a film of wax on the cookie sheet, 1) blot it up with another cloth to make a second wrap; 2) pour the excess into a container for another use; 3) scrape solidified wax off with a spatula.

  2. Smart! I’ve seen similar products for sale at natural living stores, but the price tag is steep!! It’s great to see a reasonable DIY version.

  3. Jonathan McIndoe Hunt

    I’ve used commercial versions and really like that I could make it myself. Then I wouldn’t be so sad when it occasionally doesn’t make it home in the kids’ lunch boxes.

    1. yes ma’am ….just a quick soap and water wash off. I only use soap when there is food actually on it, otherwise, I brush off any crumbs and just put it away.

  4. I have seen this before, but it is SUCH a great idea!!!
    Now if someone could only find a natural replacement for aluminum foil!!!

  5. I live in God’s oven … aka Arizona- would I have problems with the heat melting the wax here ?do you have problems with using this for bready stuff -do they get stale? How do you wash it ? ps I’d sew elastic on to keep it on a bit better and air tight.

    1. Heather Harris

      I don’t have an issue with heat melting it, in the high heat and humidity we have here. My sister also lives in the valley in AZ and she uses this all the time as well. Bread products for me go into a linen bag to stay fresher. And, this is just a no sew project 🙂

  6. I am so going to do this! I am thinking of using a large disposable aluminium foil pan ( turkey sized) instead of a cookie sheet ?

  7. I use something even easier, cleaner and quicker. Old cool whip tubs and similar sized items can be covered for storage in the refrigerator by placing a salad plate over it. Smaller containers like butter tubs can be covered by a tea or coffee saucer. No mess and no fuss.

  8. I have made some of these wraps I use a old cookie sheet pan but I put a sheet of parchment paper down first and use several times . I have heard these food wraps keep cheese from getting molded I am trying that right now but it has only been about 2 weeks thanks for all the homesteading tips

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