Make Your Own Almond Extract

Homemade almond extract is simple and easy to do. It only requires 2 ingredients and a few weeks “brew time” to be ready for all your almond flavor recipes! 

After learning how to make mint and vanilla extract, I figured, why not learn how to make my own almond extract? I mean, how hard could it be, right?

I was right, it was pretty simple. All you need are almonds and vodka. You want to use the almonds that are peeled, and the raw ones are better, if you can find them. If not, the blanched and sliced ones will work as well.

almond extract horizontal

Let’s make our homemade almond extract:

  • 10-15 whole, skinless, raw almonds
  • 1 cup of alcohol-again, you know the drill…cheap stuff
  • pint-sized jar with a tight-fitting lid
  1. Place the almonds in the jar, cover with the alcohol.
  2. Shake daily for 3 weeks, then strain the nuts out. This won’t be as strong as commercial extract, but I like the flavor myself.
  3. Cap tightly, date and store!

Since almond extract that is commercially made contains bitter almonds, and they contain a cyanide precursor, some argue that you shouldn’t make homemade almond extract. I am personally not worried about this, as the same nuts also contain cancer-fighting compounds.

You can use this for baking, or even in making homemade coffee drinks.  I like to use it in oatmeal, as a new and different flavor.  I make about a pint jar, and it lasts me about 6 months before I need to make more.

To see how to make other extracts, including alcohol FREE versions, check out the post here.

Have you ever made almond extract? What do you like to do with it? Be sure to pin this for later, too!

Homemade Almond Extract

24 thoughts on “Make Your Own Almond Extract”

    1. I only use a 1/2 pint at a time, so beyond a year, I don’t know…I ususally have run out by then. I would say indefinitely, because of the alcohol. Store in a cool, dry, and dark place if you can.

  1. How did you just know I was asking this question to myself yesterday – how do I make almond extract?!! Is it the same as vanilla and stevia?

    You rock. I’m totally trying this.

  2. You mentioned above to hover over some image and that there would be a pinterest button. I’m not finding that and I’m always wanting to pin some of your amazing stuff and end up frustrated because I can’t seem to figure out how to do it. If there is a way to pin directly from your your site, could you share how to do it, in detail, please. Thank you, love your stuff!

    1. in the almond extract picture, the button will appear right above the vokda being poured…or if you scroll down to the end of the post, there are sharing buttons and pinterest is one of them. hope this helps!

  3. It’s that easy? Totally doing it! I think I’ll try soaking some cacao nibs, too, to see if you can make chocolate extract. Thanks!

  4. Isn’t real almond extract made from bitter almonds which are poisonous? Does using sweet almonds give the same flavor even though they don’t have that character?

    1. Just bottled up some almond extract that steeped for 3 months. Was disappointed that it did not have the same sweet scent that is so aromatic in store-bought pure almond extract. In fact, it had no smell at all – just the vodka smell! I used plenty of crushed skinless almonds – more than called for.

        1. When you let the mixture steep for too long, the alcohol starts breaking down the flavor molecules because it’s still a potent solvent. I’ve had this issue with mint, too, so definitely follow the recipe. You might also have better results straining the finished extract with cheesecloth, rather than coffee filters.

  5. I’m not sure what’s wrong with my almond extract… It’s been in the pantry 9 months and still just smells like alcohol… nothing at all like the wonderful almond extract I buy from the store.
    My vanilla extract is wonderful and lasts quite a while (I make a full 750ml bottle at a time). I was hoping to make my own almond also, but so far no luck. 🙁

    1. Heather Harris

      that’s interesting. I never had an issue, so I can’t honestly tell you what might have gone wrong. I am so sorry!!!

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