3 things about The Homesteading Hippy

I am writing an epic post. My daughter tells me that “epic” doesn’t mean a long poem or story, like I learned in school, it means “cool, wild, totally the bomb”. Ok, grammar lesson aside now. I decided that I would tell you all a little bit more about ME. In groups of 3. Why 3 you ask? Well, 1 is too few, and 5 is just too many.

Yes, this is *me*…and I have vowed to NEVER leave the camera where my daughter can have control again!

So, without any more guilding the lily, and with no ado whatsoever, I give you ME: (the times 3 version)
Three things I write about on this blog:
1. natural living
2. “real” food
3. homesteading

Three random facts:
1. I am a homeschooling mom
2. I am a backyard homesteader
3. I make a “mean” beef stew

Three places I have lived:
1. Sioux Falls, SD
2. Chandler, AZ
3. Spartanburg, SC

Three jobs I have held:
1. General Manager of a Perkins restaurant
2. General Manager of a Dollar Store
3. General Manager of Harris, Inc. (our home 🙂

Three things you will find in my purse right now:
1. hairbrush
2. chapstick
3. my keys (at least, that’s where I think they are)

Three things you will find in my backyard:
1. chickens
2. ducks
3. garden

Three things I love to eat:
1. Anything I don’t have to cook
2. Anything I don’t have to clean up after
3. Anything I don’t have to kill myself

Three things I never thought I would do:
1. raise goats, chickens and ducks in my backyard
2 be able to butcher said animals when the time comes
3. not gross out at number 2

Three books I am reading right now
1. The Bible
2. Mama’s Torah
3. Who is Israel

Three things you will find in my kitchen at any given time:
1. Ice cream (yes, it’s a staple in our house)
2. Almonds
3. Coffee

Three things I hope to accomplish this Spring
1. Harvest an amazing amount of food from our garden
2. Store that amazing amount of food
3. Watch the sunrise

Three things I hope to accomplish this next year
1. Learn how to dehydrate 4 different things
2. Learn how to make candles successfully
3. Learn how to can butter

Three things I hope to accomplish in the next five years
1. Graduate my two oldest from homeschool
2. Go to the bathroom without an audience or math book being shoved in my face.
3. Celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary (4 years from now)

Three things I hope you take away from this blog:
1. laughter
2. encouragement
3. a good feeling about yourself

That’s me in a nutshell. So, tell me about YOU…

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198 thoughts on “3 things about The Homesteading Hippy”

  1. Ok three things about me…
    1)I am younger then I look.
    2)I will cook any thing that looks like food when it comes into the my house.
    3)I love Disney movies and musicals.

  2. I wish I could have home schooled my kids, but I feel like I “almost” do with all the at-home instruction I have to give them. I’m totally with you on the private bathroom time….even my dogs come to watch!

    1. isn’t it funny how dogs think they need to be you all the time?? Mine takes it upon herself to make sure there is TP for us and all…

  3. When I was younger I wanted to be a writer. But now I work as an engineer (and a blogger on the side).
    My favorite band is Hanson (yes, MMMBop Hanson) and I have seen them live 66 times.
    I have an irrational fear of falling into the oven (too much hansel and gretel as a child?) so I do not cook or bake unless it can be done in the microwave!

    1. So, Angie, if you win, will you take me with you to Starbucks? 🙂 I would be interested in learning more about the virtual assistant thing, too…

  4. 1. I buy my raw milk from a local farmer in the midwest but I would never consider owning a cow. 🙂
    2. I do take fermented cod liver oil and I have a hard time loving it.
    3. I have 3 kids who will help me garden this summer.

  5. The Shiny Butter Blog

    Three things you’ll find in my pocketbook right this second:

    1- My nice wallet with loads of cash in it
    2- My Kindle
    3- My LIST

    Three things that need to get OUT of my fridge:

    1- Some brown rice from a stir fry where I ate all the veggies and fixed white rice to go with them, leaving the poor brown rice behind
    2- An marischino cherry jar with no cherries left, only the juice. I ate most of the cherries directly from the jar, but why am I saving the juice?
    3- A piece of pizza that I didn’t like- too many raw onions

    1. could you share that loads of cash? just kidding…I’ll take that marischino juice, too…I am sure that it’d taste great with some OJ…

  6. Your children are very lucky to have a mom who loves a good laugh.
    I like laughing too — keeps us young 🙂
    I don’t have chickens and goats in my backyard (yet), but I have four dogs and two cats.
    I live in Greece, so the gift certificate to Starbucks will go to waste with me — plus, I make coffee the Greek way, have you ever tried it?

  7. hahaha i liked your “general manager of Harris Inc.” that was cute!!! Nice to meet ya!! I am daycare provider myself, freelance writer and painter!

  8. Stephanie @ One Sleepy Mom

    I am still laughing! I love the “3” idea. You’re absolutely right, 1 is too little and 5 is too much! Thanks for letting us get to know you better!

  9. Well I live in the uk about 2hrs from London but in the countryside.
    My husband is a firefighter
    I have 2 got grown kids
    I enjoyed reading about you also

  10. I liked the post on Facebook.
    Three things about me.
    I Love purple.
    Eeyore is my favorite Walt Disney Animal.
    I hate bugs, snakes and spiders, as well
    as mice and rats.

    1. I am sooo not fond of mice, either! they are the only thing that I would have to say absolutely terrify me! And, I love purple too! Great minds think alike, right?

  11. I would love to learn how to make candles. At this point, I’d take “learn to make something mediocre” since I really love the idea of crafts but kind of stink at them!

    Three things about me (since you asked so nicely, and I really do love coffee!)
    1. I wear knee socks to bed.
    2. I still sleep with a teddy bear that I got when I was two (I;m 36 now).
    3. Before having a child, I used to spend 14 hours playing new video games when they came out. Now, I’ve been stuck in the same level of Final Fantasy 12 for the last 7 years.

    1. Candles are so easy to make, Nikki! I thought they would be difficult, too, but it turns out it’s pretty simple. Come on over sometime and I’ll show you. I’ll put the coffee on 😉

  12. Amanda Maupin

    I loved reading about you! We aren’t super natural or anything, but when my husband gets out of the military, raising our own food is a big thing we want to take on!

    Three things about me:

    I love starbucks (haha)
    My husband and I are high school sweethearts
    I’m totally addicted to cloth diapers (for my son, not myself lol)

  13. Looks like I could learn a bit from you about agriculture 🙂 I don’t even have a back yard though, lol! one day… one day…

    1. I’m trying to share what little I DO know…I learn more each season, though. This year should be very interesting, so stay tuned!

  14. Never a Dull Day in Poland

    LOVE THIS!!!

    My 3 things:
    1. I have lived in 5 countries and 9 houses in the last 20 years
    2. All 4 of my kids have been born in different countries
    3. My vice is Coke Zero!

  15. Mary @ The Mommy Job

    You’re a pretty cool chick 🙂 Thanks for sharing about yourself
    3 things about me:

    I blog at TheMommyJob.com
    I’ve never taken my kids to McDonalds (but others have, but only 2x)
    Ice cream is also my vice 🙂

  16. 1. I started my blog this week!
    2. I vacuumed today and my floors thanked me. (see #1) 🙂
    3. I bought seeds today and am going to try to grow herbs in my kitchen window.

    Thanks for the fun post. It was nice getting to “meet” you!

    1. you vacuum??? boy, that is ONE thing that I haven’t done since I started blogging…maybe that’s why my carpets went from a light beigey-cream to a deep brown?

  17. My three:
    I miss Mississippi (Been in TN for 4 years now).
    My blogging scares me to death (I’m not a talker, chatter, or interactor).
    I have never been to Starbucks.

  18. kirstin @ kojodesigns

    Heather, I love this post.
    I can’t wait to work on a garden this spring too! And I love it that you guys have chickens and goats.
    So fun to *meet* you on the internet! 🙂

  19. I totally want to learn how to can stuff too.

    So three things about me:
    1. I have two many blogs
    2. I like to make jewelry
    3. I could use a nap right now!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Hi Jaime! Hope you got your nap! 🙂 If you want to learn how to can, stick with me, I’ll be posting my “how-tos” and “how to NOTs” this summer/fall

  20. Johnnie Lanier

    Three things about me:
    1. I run marathons
    2. I bite my fingernails
    3. I love dogs

    Printable Decor
    Saved By Love Creations

    1. Hi Johnnie! thanks for stopping by! I love our dog, too. She is one of my favorite beings on this planet. Well, until she follows me into the bathroom…

  21. 1. We love living on our farm and raising our own beef
    2. We have 3 kids (5, 3, 1)
    3. I want to learn to can our produce this summer
    PS breeding goats is generally just putting Mommy & Daddy together at the right time… LOL

    1. that’s all there is to breeding goats? Seriously?? coolness!!! thanks, Michelle!!! Ill be showing how I can and giving some ideas this summer and fall, so stay tuned, k??

  22. Awesome epic post!! 😀 I am so not with it either in terms of “current grammar”.

    Three things about me- that I have in common with you:
    1. I cannot wait to get my garden started this spring either- I miss all those goodies!
    2. I can our produce each season and every year find something that I need to can more of
    3. I am into natural and real food too but have my own vices as well– soda and gummy candy are my biggest two lately.

    1. Kerry, I heard that if you eat gummy candy, you can count it as “fruit”. At least=, that’s what I am sticking with…

    1. the old adage, “dogs have masters, cats have staff” holds true here, too. We have two cats that barely tolerate us…

  23. 1. At one time, I wanted to be a lawyer
    2. I have 5 kids
    3. I homeschool

    Great blog; thanks for sharing! I’m looking forward to a backyard garden this summer, too!

  24. Three things about me: 1. We used to own dairy goats for their white “gold”. 2. We raised three steer for beef. 3. We raised turkeys one year for Thanksgiving but we let them grow too long and the biggest one weighed 80 pounds! We also spend a cumulative 8 hours plucking that black feathered beast! 🙂

    1. 80 lb turkey???? how in the world did you cook it??? I am sooo coming to your house this Thanksgiving 🙂

  25. This is fun! 🙂

    1. I blog at formulamom.com
    2. I’m a mom to a 15 month old.
    3. I also teach elementary school full-time!

    1. Hi Wendy! so nice to meet you! Would love to hear how you get past food dyes. I am still working on that one myself…not as easy as I thought

  26. Nice to meet you! 🙂

    1. I’m a Christian.
    2. Our family it’s “real food,” too!
    3. I’m 1/2 way through my pregnancy with baby #3. 🙂

  27. Britni @ Our Eventual Homestead

    I love this post!

    1. I want to have a homestead w/ chickens, ducks and goats 🙂
    2. I have seen a few sunrises this year (Newborn son born in January!)
    3. I have a goal of quitting my job on Dec 21, 2012 to work from home with hubby!

    I will be following your blog, love learning from other homesteaders!

    1. Congrats on your son,k Britni!! Please enjoy this time, as truly they grow up waaaaay to fast! My oldest was just a newborn last week, and now she is 14.

  28. Erin @ My Mommy World

    Hi Heather! Three things about me: 1. I met my husband online (back before match.com) 2. I love Starbucks coffee and 3. I want to learn to make my own homemade soap one day.

    Thanks for the cool giveaway 🙂

    1. homemade soap is THE BEST, and it’s so easy to do! I’ll be posting a tutorial of how to do that in April, so please make sure to watch for that!

  29. Nice to get to know you!

    We have a bit in common:
    I have experience with homeschooling (I was homeschooled and LOVED it)
    I was a General Manager
    And I find myself doing what I “would never do”

    1. Hi Becca! Isn’t that crazy that we always go to what we are “scared of” before? I never thought I would raise chickens and enjoy them…and if you told me that six years ago, I would be, I would’ve laughed until I cried. But, here I am…

  30. Three things about me:
    1. I am a homeschooling mom
    2. I love to knit, crochet, sew and quilt
    3. I love to cook and bake even if I have to do the clean up afterward.

    1. Hi Shelly! I love to cook and bake, but to be fully honest here, I am super duper glad I have kids to clean up afterwards 🙂

  31. Hey Heather 1. I’m from Detroit,MI, 2. I love to cook, 3. I love to blog about cooking. Your blog is too cool I’m looking forward to the homemade soap. I going to make my own washing detergent. Anything to save a buck.

  32. 3 Things about me, hummm…
    1) I’m a homeschool mom
    2) We used to have chicken, but we’ve moved (2 years ago) & haven’t gotten any more, yet!
    3) I’ve tried organic gardening and would have starved if we choose to not eat any food we didn’t grow ourselves.
    I Tweeted your post and I’m going to e-mail it because I go to Starbucks twice a week. You’re welcome to join me anytime you’re in South Mississippi. In fact, you can come to my yoga class before hand and after coffee, or tea in my case, we can go get a tattoo!

  33. 1. I am married with a 17 month old son and plan to homeschool.
    2. I have lived in Georgia my entire life.
    3. I love Starbucks!!!


  34. 1. People often guess I am more than 10 years younger than I am
    2. I have a BA in Psychology
    3. I was born in Texas

    Thanks for doing a giveaway!!

    1. that’s cool that people think you are younger than you are…my BFF was referred to as my son’s grandmother one time by someone who didn’t know her…I still laugh about that!

  35. Making Our Life Matter

    I love how your did the three things post. I am definitely going to try that on my blog sometime.

    1. I love Starbuck’s too. I never drank coffee or expresso or hot tea until I started working at a local cafe
    2. I love Spring
    3. I can’t carry a tune in a bag 🙂

  36. Three things about me:
    1- I am ridiculously addicted to crafting and blogging
    2- I have a husband, two children and three dogs and I love them all dearly.
    3- My husband and I desperately want to move out west. Soon, we hope.

    Thanks so much for this post! It was fun to read and I now know a ton about you!


  37. Katrina - Edelweiss Patterns

    Hmm… well,
    1. I read the Bible too!
    2. I sew so much it isn’t even funny
    3. I’m proud to say that I’ve never had coffee before!

  38. I’m Sarah.
    1. We have two sheep living in our backyard.They’re not ours, though–they come with our rental house. We call them the rent-a-pets.
    2. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 10.
    3. I have three daughters. Looking after them is the best job I’ve ever had 🙂

    1. sheep??? how fun! My daughter wants those in our backyard, too…for the wool mainly. Or so she says. I think it’s because the lambs look so cute!

  39. Corinne Rodrigues

    Great getting to know post, Heather. Three things about me:
    1. I live in India
    2. I have a husband name Jose and a dog name Pablo
    3. I don’t have goats and don’t eat them anymore, either 😉

  40. Three things about me:
    1. I am a born again Christian
    2. I love to bake and cook.
    3. I am the personal assistant to the president of a company.

    What a wonderful site. I put you on my favorites list. Have a very blessed day!!!

  41. Hahaha – I can totally relate to the goal of going to the bathroom without an audience!

    3 Things about me:
    1. Have my Master’s Degree in Art Education.
    2. Never imagined I would be a proud mama of 3!
    3. Want to go on a goddess tour in Greece… someday…. 🙂

  42. Lea H @ Nourishing Treasures

    We have a lot in common!

    1. I blog about natural living and traditional foods
    2. I homeschool my kids
    3. The Bible my favorite book

  43. Amber--JadeLouise Designs

    How fun!

    About me:
    1. Mom blogger, Product review Blogger, and Giveaway Blogger.
    2. Mom of 3 kids
    3. I’m addicted to reading!

  44. Three things about me:

    1. Married almost 13 years
    2. Pregnant with Baby #2
    3. Travel with husband 8 months out of the year for work.

    {And yes, I love Starbucks!} Thanks for hosting a giveaway at the same time. Very cool.

    I wish I would have made my Epic Post more like this. I love it. Thanks for sharing with us details about you.

    1. well, thanks Lavonne!! that sounds so exciting that you travel so much! If you’re ever in Indiana, say HI, okay?

  45. 🙂 Love this 🙂

    3 places I’ve lived in:
    – France
    – Saudi Arabia
    – Canada

    3 random facts about myself:
    – I practice Kung Fu
    – I can curse in 6 different languages (not that I do that often, lol)
    – I HATE movies with a sad ending!

  46. 1. I am a flight attendant
    2. i am a mother of 2
    3. i love cooking and you should check out some recipe. i am always loooking for new ones so figured you may like it. go to crustybread.wordpress.com

    1. I wish I had the patience to crochet. My daughter loves it, and she can create the most beautiful things! thanks for stopping by!

  47. Jacqui Gonzales

    Hmm…only three things?

    1. When I say I’m going for a run, it’s more walking than running right now, I’m working on running all the time.

    2. I am very interested in the concept of homesteading, but living in an apartment in San Diego makes it currently a dream.

    3. I’m with you about my favorite foods. If I don’t have to cook, clean or kill I’ll probably eat it!

    P.S. I love the idea of leaving 3 things! This is cool!

    1. an apartment? hmmmm…you could always do container gardening, or pallet gardening…I’ll be showing pictures of ours this spring…just an idea 🙂

  48. Nice to meet you! Here are some things about me:
    1. I’m starting work again after 4 years (I quit when I had my daughter), and I’m so sad!
    2. I love coffee, but never drank it until after I had my daughter.
    3. I live in Florida, but want to live in North Carolina

    1. Hi April, so nice you came by! I can totally relate about being sad working when your kids are at home, still little. I did that as well for several years before I finally “retired” to be a stay at home mom!

  49. I’m impressed with your homesteading! Three things about me:
    1) I love to make homemade pizza
    2) I’m a tea addict
    3) I love the title of your blog
    And, Starbucks sounds really good. I love their white chocolate mochas.
    -Viva recently posted Homemade Pizza Dough

    1. love that another blogger who blogs about healthy living is also addicted to ice cream! thanks for coming, Tiffany!

  50. Jessica Saenz

    Three things I hope to accomplish this next year
    1. I would like to move back home and help my brothers finish high school
    2. Graduate from TxSt with honors
    3. Buy a new car for my mommy

  51. Really cute post….I enjoyed reading it….I think it is the power of 3’s! But I do love a good cup of Joe and Starbucks makes some of the best. 3 things about me:
    1. I am a counselor
    2. I love to read
    3. I will turn 40 in August

  52. 1) I have no sense of smell, so I’ll be your friend even if you have horrible B.O.
    2) Am an “Official Ambassador of Goodwill” for the state of Arkansas, as proclaimed by Gov. Huckabee in 2002
    3) Ketchup is one of my main food groups

  53. See You In the Garden

    3 things I like:
    1. Trees
    2. Peanut butter
    3. Quiet

    3 things I don’t like:
    1. Ironing clothes
    2. Weeding the garden (thank you Square Foot Gardening)
    3. Diet drinks

    I have not made a list like this in a long time. It really is kind of fun to do and makes you think. Thanks for the exercise. Oh, and yesterday on a whim, I pulled the car into Starbucks and ordered drinks for DH and I. Even he was shocked as it is so not like the frugal me, but it sounded sooooo good.

  54. Don’t enter me, your voucher is probably not valid in the Netherlands.

    But here are three things about me anyway:
    1. As you now know, I live in the Netherlands
    2. I do anything not to have to drive the car
    3. I have a blog with book reviews.

    1. wish i didn’t have to drive a car as well, especially with rising gas prices! thanks for coming, Judith!

  55. Jessica, The Debt Princess

    Three Things about Me
    1. I’m Broke
    2. I’m no longer ashamed to be broke
    3. I’m a HUGE New Kids on the Block fan!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. that’s so cool that you are no longer ashamed to be broke! must mean you are a fan of Dave Ramsey, too, right? 🙂

  56. First, thank you for sharing about yourself. I love that you are homeschooling and self-sustaining. That’s just awesome!

    Three things about me:
    1.) I have this huge crush on Bon Jovi…since I was 16!
    2.) I have no sense of smell…never have had it.
    3.) I love the Stephanie Plum series of books!

  57. Susie My SOCal Life

    very cool post and you’re finding out so much ab out your readers too! 3 things about me. I’ve been to Ireland, Costa Rica and just moved from N. CA to S. CA

    1. I used to like cats, too…but now I am more of a dog person. Maybe it’s because my cats used to rule the roost around here? 🙂

  58. Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom

    3 places I have lived, but don’t live now:
    1. Vancouver, BC
    2. Durham, NC
    3. Litchfield Park, AZ

    Will tweet for an extra chance to win! Woot!

  59. 1. Also have coffee as my major vice
    2. Am a lifetime Oregonian
    3. Bought math workbooks with my allowance as a kid – yep, I really am the budget nerd!

    1. wow…math books as a kid??? I played school and all, but buying workbooks is…well, you must be great at math!

  60. Great post! Three things about me:

    1. I’m a new blogger.
    2. I’m probably going to steal this idea for a post on my blog some day. 🙂
    3. I would love to win the $10 Starbucks GC.

    I’m totally subscribing to your blog!

  61. My three favorite books are:

    North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell
    Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
    Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

  62. Thanks for sharing about you! Here’s three things about me:
    1. I was born in the very bottom of CA, but now live at the very top of OR.
    2. I will most likely own at least one cat until I die.
    3. I am trying to learn how to quilt.

  63. Jamie Northrup

    Only 3 things? I just did a post on my website last week with 30 things lol

    My 3 Favorite Movies Are (In no particular order)
    – Boiler Room
    – Italian Job
    – Two For The Money

  64. I love your blog!! Bookmarking:)

    1. I have been blogging since 2007, and am transitioning from celebs to parenting.
    2. I LOVE being a mommy, more than I ever thought possible.
    3. I am addicted to TV – I cant give it up….

  65. 1. I’m a blogger, a mom, and a Child Safety Advocate.
    2. I absolutely LOVE Starbucks.
    3. I’m a mommy of one, hoping and praying for #2!!

  66. Clarinda Olenslager

    1. I love lighthouses and more so God.
    2. I look about half my age.
    3. I almost became a farmer.

    Hope you don’t mind if I steal this idea. Love doing this kind of thing.

  67. Adelina Priddis

    I agree 5 is too many, and 1 too little, lol.
    You are a brave woman, slaughtering your own animals. I could just never do that.

  68. Kathy (Kangaroo Mama)

    Loved learning about you, it was a great idea!

    About me:
    1) I was a telefundraiser in my past for my school in college-hated it!
    2) Never thought I would cloth diaper-now I am still at it 16 months later!
    3) love taking care of our rented community garden plot

  69. Kate a.k.a. Gwenelle

    What a great way to introduce yourself to new readers. I may just have to borrow this idea too. Nice to “meet” you!!

  70. Kathy (Kangaroo Mama)

    Ok, I swear I posted a response earlier tonight but it didn’t show up so here goes again:

    Love the posting, it was a great idea for an epic post!

    about me:

    Things I never thought I’d do:
    1) Work as a telefundraiser in college-hated it
    2) Cloth Diaper and keep up with it for 16 months
    3) Enjoy gardening at our rented community garden plot

  71. Beginner knitting patterns

    Hi, i feel that i noticed you visited my web site thus i got here to return the want?.I’m trying to find things to improve my website!I guess its good enough to use some of your ideas!!

  72. 3 things about me, I raised two daughters and two sons. One of my daughters became a writer and writes blogs. I have lived in those 3 places you have lived and a few more like Sturges, South Dakota. And I enjoy reading your blog.

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