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My kitchen is an older one, in a house built in the 1890’s.

It was last updated in approximately 1985, and that owner most likely used OLD mobile home parts to do it. We have yet to completely update it, and the fact that it’s a work in progress is very obvious. But, it has a charm all it’s own. I basically live in my kitchen, as it’s the hub of my home. I cook, work, and plan what I need to run my homestead and household from my kitchen table. Our best family conversations have taken place around the old table, complete with mismatched chairs. To me, it’s proof that you don’t need to have “the best” items to make the best family memories.

In my kitchen, there are a few items that I would rather not live without.

That’s not to say I couldn’t but life is so much easier and tastier with them. They are the workhorses of my kitchen, being put to daily use. And, in order to “live” on my counter, it has to be something that I use daily, love, and would feel a pinch if I didn’t have. These four qualify for that.

kitchenaid mixer

The first up is my KitchenAid Mixer.

I have nearly all the attachments to this appliance, and use most of them at least weekly. It gets a daily workout, from making homemade bread, muffins, pizza dough, or making homemade pasta and ice cream. If my home were on fire, and I had time to grab one thing, this would be it. Yes, over and above the pictures…well, most likely anyway. I was able to get this item on a Black Friday sale 7 years ago for $99.00 and it was the best reason for being in line at 4AM that I could think of. I do also have a WonderMixer and a Bosch, but my KitchenAid lives on my counter and is the one I turn to daily.


Next up is my Excalibur Dehydrator.

Another workhorse that gets a near daily workout. I use it for dehydrating foods, especially bulk fruit bought on sale, infusing herbs into oil, and for bread rising. It was one of the best purchase decisions I have made, as it has helped us store lots of food and keep other food from spoiling. It has different temperature settings, making it easy to use for bread doughs, yogurt, and drying flowers and herbs.

If you grab one of these, you would do well to grab some of these sheets, too. They make fruit roll ups, instant mashed potatoes, and instant rice making a breeze!

instant pot

Next up, is my InstantPot.

Although this is a fairly recent purchase, having only been in my kitchen for 5 months, this gets a daily workout as well. I love how easy it is to make pasta and meat sauce for lunch quickly. I have also used it for making tender beef roasts, bone broths, and it has a setting just for yogurt.

That is awesome, because we go through a lot of yogurt in my house, and when the dehydrator is full, I don’t have to wait to make more. The InstaPot comes to the rescue! You can grab one here and it is worth every single penny. As a matter of fact, I am planning on purchasing as second one in the near future. It makes life THAT convenient.

coffee pot

Next on my “must have” appliance list, is my coffee maker.

This one, to be exact. I used to have a Bunn, and that brewed a pot of coffee in under two minutes, but we switched a month ago to a percolator and will never turn back. Why would I go from nearly instant coffee to a pot that needs nearly 30 minutes to complete? FLAVOR. Pure and simple.

I much prefer the flavor of our coffee from the percolator. Plus, this pot has the added bonus of being able to be used while we are camping, or on the camping stove during a power outtage. And, although all my other appliances are electric and wouldn’t go camping or be able to be used off grid, I can still have COFFEE. Because life is just better at my house when I have coffee. This also has the added benefits of NOT needing to use coffee filters, so it’s virtually trash free when you compost the grounds!

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8 thoughts on “My Must Have Kitchen Appliances”

  1. Marci Schwartz Lutsky

    You make a strong case for a dehydrator. Couldn’t live with my food processor. Front and center on my counter.

  2. I have that coffee pot! It has been a lifesaver many times – and the coffee is SO good! I also LOVE my kitchen aid – and am pretty fond of my little toaster oven . It has replaced my oven many times.

  3. This list of appliances has given me an idea of what type of gift to get my sister. I think she could use the Excalibur dehydrator. She doesn’t have much kitchen appliances and the ones that she does have are old.

  4. My vacuum sealer, it stores bulk meat purchases from great sales and my dehydrated foods from my Excalibur. Love these for harvest season too.

  5. I have a dehydrator, looking to get a percolator and instantpot, almost got a breadmaker at a rummage sale an passed it up, I’ll kick myself for it I know!

  6. I have all but the dehydrator. I dry herbs on my kitchen counter on paper as we live at 8600 altitude. No coffee perker but a water pot. Only I drink coffee and only seldom. Tea is brewed 2-3 times a day.

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