taco potato bake post

Taco Potato bake

One of my favorite uses for leftover baked potatoes is this awesome potato bake. As a matter of fact,  I will toss extra potatoes in the oven just to make this another night. It’s filling, warming, comfort food at it’s best. My kids and hubby rate this an “A++++” for a meal, and that’s saying something. …

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fodder post

How to Grow Fodder to Feed Chickens, Ducks and Rabbits

Growing fodder is a cheap way to feed your chickens, ducks, and rabbits throughout the year. It’s a simple concept, really. Basically, it’s allowing grains to sprout and grow into their respective grasses for feed supplementation for poultry. The animals then get greens with chlorophyll, as well as the proteins from the grains and the …

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pesto post

Spinach Pesto

Spinach is a wonder food. Even Popeye knew it back in the 40s and 50’s. It is full of calcium, lutine, and lots of vitamin A. Truly a powerhouse in nutrition. It’s easy to grow, and is a cold weather veggie, making it perfect for early Spring and late Summer gardens. It’s prolific, and if …

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