How to Paint a Pumpkin

Many homesteaders are crafty by nature. They can take twigs and make a beautiful garden bed, or entwine some rattan and lace and make gorgeous tablecloths or even their own gloves and mittens in the winter.

I personally am missing that Martha Stewart DNA in my blood, so crafting is not something I do on a regular basis. However, I am working on moving outside my comfort zone to correct that.

painting a pumpkin pin

So, if you are not crafty, but want to decorate your house for fall or Halloween, you would go to Walmart and grab some craft pumpkins, a large pumpkin, paintbrushes and acrylic paints and spend $20. You would then line your table with some old cardboard or newspaper to catch any drips from the paint.

gilr painting a pumpkin

Then, you would paint smiley faces on each of the pumpkins and have a fun little family.

smiley faces on pumpkins

Of course, you would let the paint dry for about 5 minutes before handling the pumpkins, because that’s all it needs. There isn’t any need for another coat over the acrylic paint or anything, so this would be a quick craft.

That being said, you would probably get bored quickly as this craft only took about 10 minutes to do start to finish. So, if you are like me, you would create a whole story about them.

So, meet Paul Pumpkin and his children, Patrick, Patrice, and Kevin:

the pumpkin family

Paul is a loving father of 3 wonderful gourds. He works hard to raise them right, and make sure they are well behaved children. He spends a lot of time with them when he’s not working, just having lots of quality fun. Here they are getting ready to head to the park. Notice he made sure they have their seatbelt on.

pumpkin with eatbelt on

I do have to point out that these little gourds are not nearly as safe as their cousin from The Pistachio Project was, however. And we thank Jedidiah Pumpkin (and Brittany) for sharing this wonderful “selfie” with us. Paul does try though.

pumpkin in the car

Paul took his children to the park this fine fall day, and they played hard on the swings, the slide, and even spent some time playing in the fall leaves.

pumpkins outside
pumpkins on the playground

Of course, after a while, you would get bored of your painted pumpkins and with the whole town wondering just what on earth you are up to, you would get some ingredients together.

And, you would have very sad children, thinking that their father was gone.

pumpkins around pumpkin pie

But, then, Paul would come home from work and they would know that you just used a can of pumpkin from the grocery store. And everything would be all good again!

how to paint a pumpkin #snokehousebbq

Until they realized that the can of pumpkin you used could have come from their great aunt Pinkie Pumpkin, but that’s getting a bit morbid for a family friendly site, doncha think?

how to paint a pumpkin #snokehousebbq

21 thoughts on “How to Paint a Pumpkin”

  1. Love painting pumpkins instead of carving. I’m always scared of carving with small children. Your story was too cute!

  2. Sheena @ Hot Eats and Cool Reads

    This is seriously one of the cutest posts! The pie looks delicious too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is hilarious…and it looks like your pumpkins had quite a day! LOVE the pumpkin in the carseat by the way. I’ve never thought to add teeth or a bow tie to any of my painted pumpkins, but after this, I just might. 🙂

  4. We painted pumpkins this year as well! So much easier to do with little ones rather than carving them. I was sad to miss out on that part but the boys had a much better time painting them with their little hands.

    I love how your pumpkins did all these fun adventures with the family!

  5. Heather @ My Overflowing Cup

    I love it – Paul, Patrick, Patrice, and Kevin! Ha! We used to carve pumpkins, but when the kids were little, we found it much more fun to let them paint them as they couldn’t help too much with the carving. Such a fun post – made me smile.

  6. I love the idea of painting pumpkins because it allows kids to display their creative juices. The adults always have to do the carving so this allows them to take ownership of their creation. Fantastic to match pumpkin pie with a fun, family, fabulous event!

  7. My son was cracking up at the pumpkins on the swing and the slides!

    I find the sad pumpkins looking at the pumpkin pie hilarious!

    Lol, thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh that is just the cutest post ever! Paul is a great dad, his little gourds are lucky to have him! Almost makes me want a pumpkin family too. I’d have to have your daughter paint them though, cuz she just rocks the whole art thing. Totally!

  9. Jenni E. {Sweet Pennies from Heaven}

    I love love love this post and all the photos!!! Love the Pumpkin “family photos”, but the ones of them looking at the pie just topped it. HILARIOUS!!!!!

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