Recap of 2013

Whew! 2013 sure has been a fun year, hasn’t it? Here’s some of my “very best” posts from this past year to enjoy again! So, please enjoy this

Recap of 2013

My premade pancake mix recipe:

Canning strawberries for longer term storage

make your own almond extract for holiday baking
Make your own almond extract! Simple and easy!

mixing yogurt
Here’s how to make your own yogurt!

Don’t buy premade taco seasoning mix…make your own!

Got a plethora of eggs? Dehydrate some for long term storage!

make your own apple cider vinegar, diy apple cider vinegar
Make your own Apple Cider Vinegar

Get my father’s beef jerky recipe here

Make a hoop house and extend your gardening season!

should you keep lights on in a chicken coop over winter?
Keeping lights on in a chicken coop or not? Here’s what we do

where to find free and cheap bulk food storage
How to get FREE buckets and jars for bulk food storage

I can’t wait for 2014! There will be lots of giveaways, reviews, gardening, and meeting new bloggers monthly!

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1 thought on “Recap of 2013”

  1. Krystyna @ Spring Mountain Living

    Thanks for this roundup! There are a few that I needed to see – like the one on making your own ACV & Almond Extract too!

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