14 Ways to Save Money on Diapers

Being a parent is tough – I’m not even a parent and I know that – it’s especially tough when you have to shop for the little ones and the price tags on all the things you need are through the roof.


One of the more expensive things you’ll be purchasing is a pack of diapers, but thankfully there are a few ways to save money on diapers. That’s what we’re going to look at today – 14 ways to save money on diapers.

How To Save Money On Diapers

1. Bulk Purchases

Purchasing large packages of diapers will save you money by reducing the frequency with which you end up buying diapers. These don’t expire so there’s no chance of them going bad – meaning you can keep them for a while without an issue.

2. Rewards Clubs

Almost every retailer has a loyalty program or rewards club these days and they’re a great source of potential discounts. They have the simplest setups; you get points for each purchase you make and after you’ve gotten a specific number you can cash them out for a discount.

There are also brand loyalty/rewards programs which give you a certain discount on diapers. That discount is applied by scanning a QR code (found on the packaging) into an app which then applies the discount.

3. Use Coupons

Like loyalty programs/rewards clubs, you can collect and use coupons as part of special sales. These coupons can be used to gain a nice discount.

4. Try other Brands

This should be obvious, different brands have different prices. Brand loyalty can be helpful, but it can also be a problem. With that in mind, try using different brands; some stores have their own brands which are often more affordable than your typical brand choices.

5. A Diaper Shower

We’ve all heard of baby showers, right? Everyone gets together and brings in baby essentials and plays party games. This is the same concept, the difference is that instead of all the random bits and bobs that a baby would need, everyone brings a package of diapers.

6. Sales

Grocery/retail stores have discounted sales regularly and if you keep your eyes open you can take advantage of them. These sales will usually get you a great discount so keep your eyes peeled.

7. Check your Unit Price

This is a good way to determine whether or not a purchase is worthwhile. The concept is simple; you look at the price on a package and the number of units in the package and divide the units by the price. This allows you to know whether you’re actually getting a bargain.

Something else to keep in mind is that not all packages/products will have the same quantity – one pack/brand may have 30 diapers, and another may have 50 diapers. If both have the same price tag, it makes sense to go for the larger pack, doesn’t it?

8. Ask around for Leftovers

Many new parents will occasionally purchase more diapers of a particular size than they typically need and are often more than happy to part with the leftovers. Ask around and see if your friends and family have any such leftovers with which they’re willing to part. This gets you any extra diapers you need without having to spend a dime.

9. Hoard Diapers

Getting diapers without spending is great but a good way to avoid having to spend extra cash on diapers is to hoard them. Well…maybe ‘hoard’ isn’t the best word to use but you get the idea. If you have a stockpile of diapers in your hall closet or nursery, you won’t have to buy more for a while, will you?

10. Try Cloth

Reusable/cloth diapers are typically a bit more expensive – depending on the brand – but if they’re properly cleaned/cared for they can last for quite a while. Obviously, if you don’t have to buy new diapers every few weeks that’s going to save a sizable chunk of your money.

11. ‘Open Box’ Diapers

There are certain places (like Amazon) where you can buy open box diapers. These are diapers that were either discontinued, returned by a customer who got the wrong size, or had damaged packaging. These reasons typically lead to a steep discount, which is always appreciated.

12. Diaper Subscription(s)

Yes, this is a real thing. Amazon has a subscription service which will, for a certain fee, send you a few cases of diapers every few weeks. This is a great way to save money because you’re paying one amount every month to have a pack of diapers sent to your home or P.O. box.

13. Cash-Back Apps

Online shopping has become a staple of our modern lives. If you need something but you don’t want to go out, you just order it online and within a day or so it’s there. That same method has been applied to our cell-phones – pretty much everyone has a smartphone nowadays and that gives them access to hundreds, if not thousands of cash-back apps.

These work like rewards programs; you make a purchase on the app and get a certain amount of cash back based on specific items that you buy.

14. Watch how you Put a Diaper On

Putting diapers on in certain ways can help you prolong the use of smaller diapers which will obviously save money as you don’t have to switch sizes too soon. Of course, if wearing the smaller size is a problem – which it can be – then switching is a good idea…not that you’ll have much choice in the matter.

Final Thoughts: Many Options

There are many ways to save money on diapers and, with a bit of planning, you can get bargains on every purchase. The more experienced you become (i.e. the more kids you have) the easier it’ll get.

I hope you all enjoyed the article and that it helps you new and/or future parents out. As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you for the next one very soon. Take care!

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