“You Grill, Girl” with Applegate


As you are looking forward to celebrate the 4th of July, what foods come to mind?

The usual–hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans…right? What if I told you that the average hot dog was chock full of nasty ingredients and quite unhealthy for you? That would put a total damper on your summer cookouts! But, never fear, Applegate is here! With it’s “cleaner weiners” that are all beef with only 4 ingredients: beef (that has never been administered antibiotics or hormones), water, salt and spices. Imagine that-hot dogs with ingredients that you can read and pronounce!
And, let’s top those delicious all beef dogs off with some organic Sir Kensington’s ketchup and Mustard. The kids loved the fact that I would give them hot dogs, and I felt good about letting them eat these.

kids and hot dogs

Put it all on a Rudi’s organic or gluten free bun and you have the makings of a great summer cookout! And, just to be awesome, Applegate is offering one of my readers their own You Grill Girl Kit to get your summer off to a “cleaner wiener” start! The kits have the makings of a full-force backyard barbeque – without the junk! They include:

– Applegate Naturals Beef Hot Dogs

– Potato Hot Dog Buns

– Sir Kensington’s Organic Ketchup and Mustard

– Applegate Apron

– Meat Thermometer

– Bandana

– Mini Applegate Cooler

– BBQ hand hot pad

So, enter now and get grilling, girl!

*Thanks to Applegate for sponsoring today’s post…all opinions are 100% mine

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2 thoughts on ““You Grill, Girl” with Applegate”

  1. Love this! We don’t eat hot dogs often, for precisely those reasons, but every now and then they sound good. And of course, there’s the family get togethers in the summer where hot dogs are grilled…besides not wanting all those chemicals we also don’t eat pork. I love Applegate products, this Wienervention kit is great!

  2. Oh how fun! I’ve tried Applegate’s deli meat and cheeses but not their hot dogs! I’d like to try the natural uncured beef hot dogs. I bet they taste so yummy! Thanks for the opportunity!.

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