Grow Your Own Food-Top Reasons To Do So

Many choose to grow their own food, and this has become a very popular thing to do these days. Reasons that people garden range from wanting wholesome veggies from their backyard, to wanting cheaper food and avoiding pesticides and insecticides being sprayed on their food.

More and more lawns across America are being dug up. Instead of manicured grass, food is growing. Here are some of the top reasons YOU should grow your own food.

Get your own homestead started by reading this! 

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The price of food has gone up.

It’s not a myth, it’s a fact. I can remember when I could go to the store and buy a pound of strawberries for $.49. My youngest was alive and able to help carry some to the car, so it’s been just under 6 years that the prices have tripled. That’s not all. In our area, ground beef rose up to $6.00/lb in our area just after the storms in the Midwest and haven’t gone down back to “normal” prices. Our own personal food budget has been stretched to the limits at times just to feed our family of 5.

To get some delicious, budget stretching chicken recipes, read here. 

Many are concerned about the use of chemical insecticides and pesticides on their food.

There is a growing concern of what those unnatural chemicals are doing to our bodies in general. Since those chemicals haven’t been around for a long time, it’s been hard to say what the effects have been truly. There are studies being conducted on that currently, be we are way off from knowing the full truth scientifically. Will it be too late when we find out? Other sources here, here and here.

There is a growing concern over bacteria in the food.

The latest scare is over listeria in many brands of frozen food sold all over the U.S. While that’s worrisome enough, let’s not forget there is also a recall on chicken nuggets, Dole salads and even Chipotle was under attack for a food recall. (another read here) Is that not enough? Check out the list of 2016 food recalls so far on the USDA’s website.

Get some ideas on how to grow lettuce in a container, indoors, here. 

The benefits to growing your own food include easing your mind.

You don’t want to worry and be scared, but you want to take ACTION. Instead of relying on commercial growers to grow your food, grow your own!

  • The chances of you getting sick from your home grown produce are far less.
  • You will know what’s happening to that tomato from seed to harvest, and what you have sprayed (or not sprayed) on the plant as it was growing.
  • You’ll know you washed that lettuce (and your hands before harvest) and can be confident that deadly bacteria will not be there.
  • You’ll save money when you can harvest fresh produce from your own container or garden bed.
  • You tend to eat more veggies when you grow your own food.

Learn how to grow your own garlic here. 

It’s not that hard to grow your own food. A garden can be easy and simple to do.

Even those who don’t have a large backyard can grow their own food. You can grow potatoes, tomatoes and other veggies in containers. You can plant an edible landscape if your HOA rules don’t allow a full garden. YOU CAN DO SOMETHING. The point is to start somewhere, doing something and to take responsibility for yourself. Grow your own food when you can and as much as you can, and preserve that harvest for longer use. You can do this!!

What are YOUR reasons to grow your own food? Be sure to pin this for later!

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5 thoughts on “Grow Your Own Food-Top Reasons To Do So”

  1. All of the reasons you listed as well as the importance of keeping our dollars local rather than sending them over seas or to big business. And one more thing, the flavor of the carrot you pull out of your own yard and rinse with hose water tastes sooo much better. Have a great day Heather.

  2. Angela @Setting My Intention

    I love the convenience and the miracle of growing food for our family! I’ve started gardening again this year and I’m excited to keep it up!

  3. I grow my own food partly to save money and to be able to avoid pesticides and gmo’s, but also because it’s a huge boost to my psyche. Studies have proven that spending time in nature and getting your hands in the dirt helps improve your mood and alleviate depression. It certainly works wonders for me!

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