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When you are making meals and you are in an hurry, burns can happen. Hot broth or oil can splash on your skin, or grabbing a hot pan without a good hot pad can cause a nasty, sore, red spot.

Minor burns from cooking, starting a fire, grilling and baking CAN be treatable at home.

A minor burn is considered “1st degree”, characterized by redness and swelling. Small “2nd” degree burns, that are less than a quarter in size, and are characterized by redness, swelling, and blistering can also be treated at home.

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How DO you treat minor burns at home? Here are a few ways to treat those minor burns. Some you may already have in your kitchen. In ALL cases, you want to run cool, NOT COLD, water over the burn to stop the burning of the skin. Using cold water can cause the tissues to get damaged, so use cool to even lukewarmish water.

Egg Whites

Egg whites are easy to apply and commonly used for 1st degree burns. They soothe the skin, and help to reduce the heat. Also used for minor fevers, egg whites are easy to apply. Simply separate the yolk from the white and smear on the burn. Allow to sit for 10-15 minutes and then gently rinse off.


With it’s soothing anti-bacterial properties, honey makes a great minor burn relief. You want to make sure to cool the area with cool (not cold) water first to help stop the burn, then apply a thin layer of honey over the affected area. Allow to soak in.

Aloe Vera

If you don’t have this plant already in your kitchen, you really need it. It’s very easy to grow and propagate into other containers. Aloe is well known for it’s burn relieving properties. Simply cut a small stalk, open, and smear the gel inside over the burn. Allow to soak into the skin. Repeat as necessary to cool and soothe.

Lavender Essential Oil

One of the most popular essential oils in many homes, lavender is one of the essential oils that can be safe to apply “neat”, or without a carrier, in very small doses.

Just a drop or two directly on the burn may soothe and relive the pain and redness. Lavender essential oil also has anti-bacterial properties that will keep infection at bay.

These are easy treatments that are already in most homes and may help soothe minor burns. They are all natural, easy to apply and easy to use for nearly anyone in the home.

Of course, let’s use common sense and if the burn occurs on a larger than quarter sized area, has multiple blisters, occurs on a young child over a dime sized area, or these treatments do not help, it’s time to seek qualified medical help.

What do you use to treat minor burns at home? Which is your favorite or most often used one?

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11 thoughts on “Treat Burns at Home”

  1. This is good to know. I seem to burn myself quite often for some reason. I burned myself on the metal around the fireplace just last night

  2. I had never heard about using egg whites! I do know that Mustard will take the burn out too! I am horrible about burning myself! It happened constantly when I was a substitute cook at the high school where I used to live. I was always burning myself on the stove, steaming pans (OUCH!) and who knows what!! Mustard is what I always used! (yellow mustard..)

    1. I’ve always used yellow mustard for taking the burn out when I forget that I am working with super hot peppers 😉 never even thought of that when burning myself on the stove 😉 thanks!

  3. I never knew egg whites could be used for burns. I’ll have to remember that for future use! Great tip! Thanks for sharing over at the Homeacre Hop.

  4. Sure wish I had known about this yesterday, when my grandson burned his arm on a hot pan. Thank you will keep this info handy.

  5. Great tips! I make a salve that works miracles on burns as well as alot of other problems, but these are great to know when I am out. I usually am because I end up giving it away and not keeping any for personal use. Haha

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