Welcome to My Kitchen

welcome to my kitchen

My kitchen is in a house that was built in 1899. Now, before you go all nostalgic, it definitely needs updating.

We bought this house 8 years ago and knew that it would all need to be redone, and it’s still a work in progress. I haven’t gotten it to where I LOVE my kitchen yet, but I am really enjoying it.

The first thing we did was to take out the top cabinets. They were dark, gloomy, and I had to fight to keep anything stored in them. I like to buy things like grain, oats, and beans in bulk and store them in gallon sized glass jars. However, the cabinets didn’t allow for them to fit. So, out they came.

canned goods

We hung the pots and utensils over the stove for easy access, and the knives went on a magnetic strip.

Shelves replaced the corner cabinets and now my glass jars of pantry items are easily viewed and used. Hook screws hold measuring cups, spoons and filters for quick and easy access as well.

pots and pans

My spices are all purchased in bulk, and I store them in a really cool little magnetic spice rack.

The remainder of the bulk purchases are stored in my “root cellar” to stay at a more constant temperature.

magnetic spice rack

The dishes, utensils, and kombucha along with one crockpot are stored in my opened china cabinet. Can you tell I really don’t like doors on things? I also have my Bosch miser, blender and food processor on the top.


For Hanukkah this year, my wonderful hubby made me this hanging rack for my cast iron pans.

I am totally in love with it! It is a fun way to store them, keeps them from getting moisture caught in them, and they are really handy when I need them. Of course, next to them is stored the bulk potato purchase I made this fall, as well as a couple of buckets of grain that I use on a regular basis.


I try to keep my kitchen as open as possible, as this makes it much easier to pull off a meal when “nothing sounds good” or I haven’t been to the grocery store in months. Being able to see what I have to work with at a quick glance seems to spur on my creative sparks at meal times.

Of course, since we don’t have A/C in this old house, this is just my indoor kitchen.

Outside, during the summer, I also have an awesome OUTDOOR space. We have it under a canopy to protect the stuff as well as provide shade. It’s a two burner propane stove, a mini convection oven, and a solar oven. We have an extension cord run for using a crock pot outside as well.

I can, bake, and do most of the heavy cooking outside during the summer, to keep the heat out. It makes it much more comfortable to eat a meal when you aren’t dripping in sweat from the heat in the kitchen.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to My Kitchen”

  1. I love your kitchen. I showed my hubby your cast iron rack, and we are now making plans for one for me! Can’t wait to see your outdoor kitchen! We do not have central heat and air either. We use window units in the summer and our woodburner in the winter.

  2. I love your kitchen! It looks so inviting and lovely! I especially love all the open shelving with the jars lined up. I’m hoping to do that with part of our kitchen, eventually!

  3. Love your kitchen and the open shelving. Wish more people would do this instead of hiding everything behind cabinet doors. I swear I can never find anything when it is hidden and I end up buying it again! Thanks for sharing.

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