What a Homeschooling, Homesteading, Work-at-Home Mother does all day

photo credit to Celestine Chua
photo credit to Celestine Chua


As a stay at home mother, homeschooling one at that, I have often heard this question. But, for some reason, it got to me enough today to write about it. I had a friend (a career mom) tell me that there was no way she could ever stay at home with her kids.

“I mean, what do you do all day? Watch soap operas and daytime TV? I would be sooo bored!”

Since I was laughing so hard, it took me a minute or two to be able to breathe again.

I had a rather slower day today, and have the time to write about what I did today. So, here it goes.

BY Heather

Woke up at 5am with the dog licking my face, begging to be let outside. Stumble through the house, trying to get to the door in time and chain them up. Use the bathroom, let the dog back in, and start the fire in the rocket stove, and water for tea.

Wake up sleeping spouse and change into workout clothes. Tie workout shoes. Let dog back out, since she didn’t finish the first time.

Feed dog, change water. Feed cats, scoop out litter box, change their water.  Run outside, feed chickens and ducks, make sure the rabbits have unfrozen water bottles and get the duck pool cleaned out.

Get on treadmill, run for 30 minutes (ok, it was only 22 this morning, but close enough!)

Grab shower, fix spouse and children breakfast. Make bed. Start washing machine. Kiss spouse goodbye, get kids started on chores. Pour self cup of tea. Get computer out and start up necessary items, like facebook, email, and sites I am a VA for.

Grab clothes out of the dryer and start another load.  Hang clothes on drying rack and rebuild fire in the stove. Look all over house for cup of tea, only to find it got cold. Figure “oh well”, add some ice and have iced tea. Start children on Math. Answer phone, tell solicitor that I am not interested. Hang up.

Answer questions about fractions, multiplication tables, and counting while fixing self breakfast. Burn toast since I need to explain fractions a bit more.  Answer emails from clients, write 6 posts, and get some social media work accomplished.

Nibble on the slice of toast that isn’t burnt completely, and let dogs out again. Go outside and find the eggs that 9 year old claimed “are no where”.

Let kids have break, hang up the clothes from washer onto drying rack. Sweep floors as there is dirt all over again from kids and dogs going in and outside.

Start kids on Science. Decide what to have for dinner and get 9 year old to stop making shooting sounds. Explain that the cats aren’t into “guns” and don’t want to be “shot at”, even if it’s just pretend.

Fix lunch. Tell kids that they need to be thankful for it, and not to complain. Get 15 year old to stop daring 9 year old to try to shove rice up his nose. Tell 13 year old that the dogs won’t help him eat his broccoli, so he should really stop trying.

Get call from spouse who is at work. “I just wanted to hear your voice”…{read: I am having a bad day and want a little cheerleading”}

Cheerlead hubby.  Grab mail from post office on way back, make deposit at the bank. Pay bills online, finish VA work and 3 more blog posts.

.Supervise boys as they wash lunch dishes. Remember that the next food swap is coming up, and I still need to get some jelly made for it. Make a list to run to the store later.

Grab jelly making items from list, unload it at home, wash the jars, and get the canning pot boiling. Boil syrup into jelly and re-can. Go to clean up kitchen, find that I am out of dish soap. Grate soap for making own dish soap. Clean up kitchen, start dinner. Get jars out of water, set on towel to cool.

Let dog out again, check on chickens, collect eggs and make sure their water isn’t frozen.  Have kids check on rabbits..

Finish up social media for the day, make phone calls, return emails. Check Facebook home page, for myself and all my clients.  Check pinterest and twitter. Send out emails to 4 companies for ideas.

Get biscuit mix ready for dinner, set table.

Run brush through hair, check teeth, squirt perfume on. Hubby is about to walk in the door.

Make biscuits for dinner, get soup on the table. Feed family.

Supervise as the kids clean up the kitchen, take out garbage, and bed down the animals for the night.   Pick a quiet movie or TV show to watch as a family since Hubby is still working, albeit from home now.

Decide that the floor isn’t that bad, and can wait to be mopped another week or so.

Brush kids’ teeth, say prayers, tuck into bed.

Get ready for bed myself. Watch TV with hubby for a while, check date book and plan the weekend. Let dog out again.

Get into bed, get back up and get boys a drink of water. Tuck back into bed.

Climb into bed and fall asleep, finally. It’s been a long day!

And that, folks, is what I did today!  And some people think that I just stay home and eat bon bons all day? If only I had the time….


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1 thought on “What a Homeschooling, Homesteading, Work-at-Home Mother does all day”

  1. Heather I’m right there with you, being a stay at home mom is hard work and many people just don’t appreciate it or give little to no value to what we do. Look at all that you did this day and I’m sure this is not your worst day because I’ve been there and I just have 2 little girls and the million things to do every day. I know it was easier when I worked full time, but never as rewording as it is to work with my little ones and see how they are progressing :).

    Have a great upcoming weekend!

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