Why I LOVE Lemon Essential Oil

I love lemon essential oil.

I always have at least two bottles on hand, for various uses around the home. It’s versatile and safe enough for culinary use, as well as powerful enough for use in cleaning, natural beauty care, and hand sanitizers.

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Some interesting facts about lemon essential oil:

  • Citrus oils oxidize rapidly, so fresh oils should be used and all citrus oils should be stored in a refrigerator.
  • Citrus oils are used frequently to calm anxiety and nervous tension.
  • Citrus oils come from the peel of the fruit, and are usually cold pressed. The cold pressed oils are the ones that are photo-toxic, and the steam distilled ones are not.
  • Citrus oils should be limited to culinary uses for pregnant women, and children under the age of 7.
  • Although water is not a suitable carrier for citrus oils, since they do not disperse in water, they are very useful in culinary uses for both sweet and savory.

Now, before I get a ton of hate mails saying that so and so has used citrus oils while pregnant, or with small kids, or they add the oil to water daily and have no issues, please remember that I would caution to error on the side of safety.

As we learned in elementary science class, oil and water don’t mix. And the recommendations of age related/pregnancy cautions come from understanding the science behind it, as well as the studies of usage by aromatherapists. If you choose to disagree, that is perfectly okay.

To make a great cleaner using citrus oils, you just need a couple ingredients.

I use lemon essential oil, white vinegar and Dr. Bronner’s soap. Add 10 drops oil, 1/2 cup vinegar, 1 T. soap to a quart sized spray bottle. Fill to the top with water. This works great on soap scum and cleaning in both the bathroom and kitchen.

For a natural sanitizer:

Simply add 2 ounces of alcohol, such as vodka. (You can also use rubbing alcohol, but the shelf life may be shorter) and 30 drops of lemon essential oil to a glass bottle. Spray on hard surfaces and allow to dry. The alcohol helps to diffuse the oil and assists in the sanitizing.

Remember to label your bottle and date that you made it! For cleaning labels, or stickers off items you want to reuse, simple add a couple drops of lemon oil to a cotton ball and rub all over until the glue is gone.

For culinary uses

It can be used in recipes at up to 1% for a very strong citrus flavor. It
can also be added at 1% to cough syrups and other herbal remedies to balance stronger botanical flavors, and to make pediatric preparations more child-friendly.

The low risk of toxicity when suitably diluted (in another oil or fat) makes most citrus oils well suited for use in populations that would not otherwise consume essential oils. 1% dilution means that for every 100 drops of fat, you add 1 drop of lemon oil.

Translation: 120 drops would be 2 measuring teaspoons. For a lemon cake that calls for 1 stick of butter, you can add 24 drops of lemon oil for a strong lemon flavor.

{sources: Vintage Remedies via Aibinu, I., Adenipekun, T., Adelowotan, T., Ogunsanya, T., & Odugbemi, T., (2007). Evaluation of the antimicrobial properties of different parts of citrus aurantifolia as used locally. African Journal of Traditional Complimentary and Alternative Medicine. 4(2) 185-190}

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  1. Susan @ PickMyHumidifier

    Great information here about lemon essential oil. I have never know about some of these amazing uses for lemon essential oil! I love lemon because I use it everyday and I really love the smell of lemon, but I hadn’t thought of using lemon for laundry. Thanks for sharing valuable information Heather.

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