Why You Should Keep Rosemary Essential Oil On Hand (and diffuser blends to try!)

Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs to grow. It is beautiful in the herb garden and flavors so many foods like chicken, beef, and lamb. Rosemary is easily recognizable by its aromatic scent. For this reason, rosemary has a lasting place in my garden and kitchen.

I also like to have at least one bottle of rosemary essential oil on hand at all times.

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Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a sweet, fresh smelling oil. It is usually a thin oil and is clear in color. Its strong scent is a middle note in perfumery, and it blends well with many other essential oils.

Diffusing rosemary essential oil is a great way to enjoy the scent and benefit from the oil’s properties.

The benefits of rosemary essential oil may include: easing upset stomachs, reducing migraines, and boosting energy by combating fatigue. It is also said that rosemary can help to relieve congestion and coughs.

Rosemary is also an antibacterial oil, making it great in homemade soaps and deodorants. This oil is obviously a great one to have on hand!

Here are some great blends for your diffuser or essential oil necklace. (make your own with the DIY instructions here)

Awake and Alert Blend

45 drops rosemary
60 drops lavender
45 drops mandarin

Headache Relief Blend

45 drops rosemary
30 drops peppermint
30 drops lavender

Clear the Air Blend

30 drops rosemary
30 drops cinnamon
45 drops mandarin

Stuffy Head Blend

60 drops rosemary
40 drops eucalyptus
40 drops tea tree 

For each recipe, place the number of suggested drops of oil in a dropper bottle.  You can use recycled essential oil bottles to hold your blends. (get the diy directions here) Gently shake to mix.

Label the bottle with the oils it contains, the amount of each, and the date. To diffuse, add 5-7 drops to a diffuser and allow to diffuse for 3-4 hours. To add to a necklace, simply add 2-3 drops on the necklace pad.

What is your favorite way to enjoy rosemary? Be sure to pin this for later!

**as a safety note- the data on the contraindications for this oil can be conflicting. Some say it’s okay for pregnancy, and those with epilepsy, while others say it is not. I like to err on the side of caution and NOT use this oil during pregnancy, around very young children (younger than 6), or those prone to seizures.**

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