5 Urban Edibles with Amazing Health Benefits

Learn some of the delicious edibles that may be lurking right in your backyard! The Homesteading Hippy #homesteadhippy #fromthefarm #urbanhomesteading #foraging

**Thank you to Dan of SurvivalSullivan for today’s post! Be sure to check his site out here** The purpose of this article is two-fold. On the one hand, the plants I’m about to reveal to you have, indeed, so many health benefits it’s not even funny. The other reason is that these plants may very… [read more]

How To Can Green Beans

preserving the harvest How To Can Green Beans~The Homesteading Hippy

My garden has been producing like crazy this year! Don’t get me wrong, I am loving it, but whew! It’s exhausting sometimes. We planted 160 green bean plants this year and we even staggered it, by planting one bed one week, then another the next, and the next and so on. But you know the… [read more]

How to Make Astragalus Tincture

Astragalus is an immune boosting, adaptogenic herb that can support your body during times of stress and help reduce the severity of infections. Learn more here and make a tincture for your own. The Homesteading Hippy #homesteadhippy #herbs #fromthefarm #tincture

Astragalus is a Chinese legume, often used in culinary medicine in healing soups or other nourishing foods. It is an adaptogen, which means that it helps the body return to normal function, especially during times of stress. It is safe for most situations, even with long term use as there are no known contradications. It… [read more]

Simply Natural Saturday


Simply Natural Saturdays Hosts Brittany at The Pistachio Project Brittney at Brittleby’s Corner Heather at The Homesteading Hippy Featured Post   Most Popular Post from Last Week Living Without a Microwave – My Darla Clementine Check out the rules in the top image and link up your natural posts! Please note that if you are chosen as a featured post or popular… [read more]

From The Farm

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I’ve been enjoying the twists and turns of Mother Nature so far this year. One day, it’ll be hot and humid and the next it’ll be in the 50’s when I wake up. It sure has made for some interesting gardening. Our cucumbers are not doing very well, but the squash has threatened to take… [read more]

How to Use a Pencil Box for Things Other Than Pencils

pencil box for other than pencils; there are a great many things you can use these little boxes for! What else can you come up with? The Homesteading Hippy

Back to school supplies are all over the place and the beloved plastic pencil box is ever prominent. I found these “1/2 size” boxes at the local big box store and was totally floored at what I could do with them. Think they are just for holding pens and pencils? Not even! Here’s a few… [read more]

How to Can Peas

how to can peas for storage~The Homesteading Hippy

Another vegetable that has been running amok in my garden this year (thankfully!) is our shell peas. Normally, we barely have enough to make it into the house, after the kids and hubby have had their “harvest snack”. And, that’s with 200 plants! True story! Aren’t the blossoms beautiful, though? They are some of my… [read more]

How to Make Mint Sugar

Got mint? make mint infused sugar for delicious baking or to use in meat rubs and marinades~The Homesteading Hippy

Got a field of mint you don’t know what to do with? Try making some mint sugar. It’s delicious in baking, in coffee or tea, and great to use in a dry rub mix or in a marinade. First, you gotta pick the mint. I choose to pick mine in the early morning, because *personally*… [read more]

How to Make Iced Tea with Mint Leaves

refreshing mint iced tea made with mint leaves~The Homesteading Hippy

A friend of mine cursed blessed us with a mint plant when we moved into our house 8 years ago. Naive being that I was, I planted it right into the ground…no pot, no borders, nothing. I thought “oooh…lots of fresh mint”. Yeah. I have since learned that was a mistake. Mint, or “yardus interruptus”… [read more]

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Summer

How to have an eco-friendly summer~The Homesteading Hippy

Summer is here in full swing, and there are trips to the beach, the park, and the zoo to take. Camping comes along for many, as well as trips to vacation resorts and theme parks. The amount of chemicals and plastic you could easily consume or use within a week can be overwhelming. But, it… [read more]