5 Easy Steps to Composting

five easy steps to composting

Getting compost together isn’t difficult, nor is managing it. There are just 5 easy steps to composting to get you on your way to all the black gold you could ever want! Collect Your Green Material Your kitchen scraps are known as “green” material. Simple enough, right? Grab yourself an old ice cream bucket, an… [read more]



Permaculture is the design science that encourages observing and understanding nature, then using this understanding to design our human habitat and agriculture to mimic the behavior of natural ecosystems. So in general we want to make the most of every resource, using them as many times as possible. Ideally we would keep the resources (wood,… [read more]

Vegetable Torte

how to make a vegetable torte~The Homesteading Hippy

I was thrilled to be part of this recipe swap and learn how to make Stephanie’s favorite meal, Vegetable Torte. You can find her original version here. What I liked about her torte was that it was fairly easy to throw together, you could use any vegetable or other ingredient you had on hand, and… [read more]

Simply Natural Saturday

Simply Natural Saturdays Hosts Brittany at The Pistachio Project Brittney at Brittleby’s Corner Samantha at Crunchy Livin’ Mama Style Heather at The Homesteading Hippy Featured Post  Most Popular Post from Last Week Don’t Let the Winter Wind Blow Inside Your Home – A Life in Balance Check out the rules in the top image and link up your natural posts!… [read more]

Non Alcoholic Echinacea Tincture-From The Farm


Cold and flu season came up on me rapidly. We are currently experiencing late January type temps, snows, and wind chills while in the middle of November. Ugh! So, helping my family prevent the flu is one of my top priorities right now. I use fire cider and elderberry syrup as well as making sure… [read more]

5 Beauty Products to Stop Buying and Start Making at Home

5 beauty products to stop buying and start making

Hygiene is an important topic to anyone. Nothing creates more conversation, either, then getting a group of ladies together and asking “What shampoo do you use?”; “Oh, you smell nice! Bath and Body works?” The beauty industry certainly has a major role in our media, and in our daily lives. Why, if you don’t use… [read more]

Salazon Chocolate {review and giveaway}

salazon chocolate

What would you do if you couldn’t get to the store for a month? It could be due to weather, natural disasters, or worse. How would you keep your family comfortable? We all know that storing grains, beans, rice, and other assorted canned foods would feed us in a crisis. But, what about a luxury… [read more]