How to Can Applesauce

preserving applesauce is a great way to get started in home canning. It's quick, easy and oh so yummy! ~The Homsteading Hippy

Perhaps the easiest, and most common thing to can for people is applesauce. You only need a few things to get a shelf full of yummy appleyness for winter, apples, water, a blender, jars, and a canner. True Story: My first experience with canning was with applesauce. I didn’t have a real water bath canner,… [read more]

How to Use Your Pressure Canner

pressure canning 101~The Homesteading Hippy

Before you begin pressure canning, I always recommend that you read or re-read your manual. It’s amazing how much we think we remember, but when we go back new things can be revealed. Some other key points to remember are: Always work with clean hands, clean surfaces and equipment. Wash out your pressure canner, especially… [read more]

Tidy Baking Pantry~From the Farm


This week’s favorite comes from one of my all time favorite bloggers, Strangers and Pilgrims. Her post on keeping a tidy baking pantry actually motivated me: Yup, it was a mess! Check her post over here and get your own inspiration! Now, let’s get on with the party, shall we??? This week’s favorites: Congratulations! Please… [read more]

Cutting a Watermelon~From the Farm


This week’s favorite arrives just in time…we are going to cut a watermelon the EASY way! Lady Lee’s Home has one of those posts that make you feel like “Uh…I should’ve known this before…” but I am so glad I know it now! Now, let’s get on with the party, shall we??? This week’s favorites:… [read more]