5 Foods to Stop Buying and Start Making at Home

5 foods to stop making and start buying

5 Foods to Stop Buying and Start Making at Home Grocery prices are going up everywhere. The other day, I took my husband grocery shopping with me and I sighed when I looked at all the prices. “I remember when that cream cheese was only $1.09 a block. Now, it’s $2.50 on SALE” “See that… [read more]

Sun Oven Giveaway


Win An All American Sun Oven in this Giveaway!   I love my Sun Oven and have had a great time this summer learning how to use it. We had lots of fails as well as successes, and lots of fun learning how to bake bread, pizzas and other things while harnessing the power of… [read more]

Simply Natural Saturday

Simply Natural Saturdays Hosts Brittany at The Pistachio Project Brittney at Brittleby’s Corner Samantha at Crunchy Livin’ Mama Style Heather at The Homesteading Hippy Featured Post  Most Popular Post from Last Week Herbal Remedies for Women – Everblossom Check out the rules in the top image and link up your natural posts! Please note that if you are chosen as… [read more]

Livestock Conservancy TShirt giveaway


In their continuing effort to bring awareness to the plight of endangered heritage breeds, Crooked Brook and The Mohawk Valley Trading Company have teamed up to sponsor a t-shirt giveaway to support and promote The Livestock Conservancy. The mission of The Livestock Conservancy revolves around conserving the genetics of nearly 200 livestock and poultry breeds,… [read more]

How to Paint Pumpkins

how to paint a pumpkin #smokehousebbq

**This is a sponsored post by Rich Foods, via Sverve for #smokehousebbq. All opinions are 100% mine** Many homesteaders are crafty by nature. They can take twigs and make a beautiful garden bed, or entwine some rattan and lace and make gorgeous tablecloths or even their own gloves and mittens in the winter. I personally… [read more]

How to Hang Up Clothes Inside to dry


I’ve been without a dryer for nearly 3 years now. We could’ve replaced it many times ago, but decided for one reason or another to continue hanging clothes on the clothesline. Of course, you can still hang clothes outside to dry in the winter, but it’s very cooooold on the old hands. So, we bought… [read more]