Goats are really fun animals to raise and have around the homestead, though they tend to be very good escape artists.

If you have the space to allow your goats to roam around as well as precautions measures against predators and against them leaving the perimeter, do give goats a try.

We’ll tell you what breed is best for you, how to raise them, and how to take care of any issues they may run into.

goat eating broccoli

Can Goats Eat Broccoli? Is it Safe?

If you haven’t spent much time around goats, you probably think they eat absolutely anything and everything. Goats supposedly have indestructible stomachs, and will eat leather, metal and other indigestibles. But all goat owners know this just isn’t true generally. Because goats are browsers, they’re actually pretty picky, delicate eaters, and might even avoid produce …

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