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Our journey into homesteading began in 2006. We had bought our first house, and attempted to start our first garden.

We began by adding 2 4×4 raised bed boxes, and planting over 200 seeds and plants in those tiny spaces. Needless to say, we didn’t get a whole lot of produce due to some overcrowding issues.

The following years, we read more, learned more, and tried different things. We added laying hens and began our journey toward self sufficiency. Our kids raise meat birds, turkeys, and rabbits for 4H, so those are naturally added each year.

Our garden takes up over 1/3 of our yard, and the animals get another 1/3 of the yard, so we are left with a tiny little space in which to enjoy ourselves outside. Having a manicured lawn no longer has precedence, though, and we enjoy our “poultry vision” much more than any TV show or movie.


My hope is to encourage you to start where you are at, and just do what you can do. Each of us can make a difference, but only if you try. I’m so very glad you are joining me on this journey! Get to know me more, from my daughter’s eyes here.

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6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Very interesting story. Your parents went through similar trials during your early years. We didn’t have Dave Ramsey, only God who lead us slowly through the matters. Life is interesting to say the least and it teaches you is you listen.

    dave Ramsey

  2. Hello Heather,
    I would really enjoy connecting with you, and appreciate the invitation though Linked-In. But I have discontinued using social networking sites for various reasons so would rather do it this way. I like what you and your family are doing! Isn’t homesteading quite the adventure, with so much to learn?

    I grew up in FL since the age of six, and of course our off -grid homestead is here in central Florida. But I was actually born in Goshen, IN and have good memories of visiting my grandparents on their farm there for many years.

    Blessings to you and your family as you continue your journey!

    Rose Petal

  3. Hi! I “met” you at Bloggy Con ’13 but very briefly. I’ve talked/followed you from there.

    I love the information you have posted. My family is very interested in homesteading/urban gardens but alas, we are book learning until we can buy a house.

    I’m glad to have met you and can’t wait to learn more!

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