There are a ton of plants in your area that you can forage and eat, and they’re delicious. Whether it’s berries that you can eat as-is or use in deserts, or wild edibles that you can toss into a salad, we’ll tell you everything about how to recognize them and forage for them.

lady's thumb Persicaria maculosa

Lady’s Thumb: Foraging, Safety and Uses

Lady’s thumb (Persicaria maculosa) is a summer annual belonging to the buckwheat (polygonaceae) family. This adaptable smartweed grows abundantly throughout North America and Eurasia. In North America, the plant is considered an invasive species and farmers and gardeners work hard to prevent it and rid it from their fields. However, like many other weeds, it …

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two wild strawberries ready to be picked

Are Wild Strawberries Edible or Poisonous?

Strawberries are a popular fruit commonly used in desserts. The mixed sweet and sour flavor is perfect for a variety of sweet treats including jams, preserves, cakes, pies, strawberries and cream and chocolate fondue. What about wild strawberries though? Even though they grow all across North America, we’re commonly taught that if you don’t know …

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