Author name: Tim Makay

Tim is a farm boy with vast experience on homesteads, and with survival and prepping. He lives a self-reliant lifestyle along with his aging mother in a quiet and very conservative little town in Ohio. He teaches folks about security, prepping and self-sufficiency not just through his witty writing, but also in person. Find out more about Tim and the rest of the crew here.

a duck eating some broccoli

Can Ducks Eat Broccoli?

Ducks enjoy a pretty varied diet whether they are in the wild or a domestic setting, but like so many animals, they tend to fall into a pattern of eating mostly mainstay items with a few other foods as supplements. This is certainly true for domestic ducks, particularly, which often live on a diet of

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duck eating celery

Can Ducks Eat Celery?

Ducks can eat a huge variety of plant matter, and some of their favorite foods happen to be the choice bits of leafy greenery along with a few roots, stalks, and other things. But when it comes to vegetables, some are totally edible! Celery is just such a vegetable, with a spray of frond-like, tender

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