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Homemade Chocolate Syrup-Better Than Commercial Brands

Delicious over ice cream, drizzled on pancakes or waffles, mixed in milk for a special treat; who can resist chocolate syrup? Of course, when you read the list of ingredients, it’s much easier to say “NO”. But why say no to chocolate? Make your own chocolate syrup to pour! It’s simple, easy, and only requires five …

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Homemade Muffins

There is nothing quite like a warm homemade muffin for breakfast. Or lunch. Or snack. Or dinner. Any time of the day, really. And, once you get the basic recipe down, making all different kinds of muffins is as simple as changing up the add-ins you put in there! Here’s the basic recipe for homemade …

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Behind the Scenes

***My daughter, Mikayla, has taken over my blog today to give me a much needed day off…I was a bit scared when she was okay with doing this…*** Hello inferior life forms! This is the almighty Mikayla, daughter of Heather Harris. Mom asked me to write a post for her blog, She said I could …

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How to Render Tallow

What is tallow?  Well, it is the product of what happens when you render beef fat. To render tallow means that you have melted it down, and “extracted” the fat.  It removes any leftover stuff in the fat, and makes it smooth, creamy, and easy to use.  You are basically changing the composition. Rendering it …

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