How to Make Hard Lotion Bars

Hard Lotion Bars with all natural ingredients to soothe and soften dry skin ~The Homesteading Hippy #homesteadhippy #lotion #fromthefarm #lesstrash

I love lotion!  I am a total addict!

However, I totally do not like that chemicals that are in the store bought lotions.  I can’t pronounce most of them, and I don’t eat things I can’t pronounce, so why should I put the on my skin? I am loving using all natural ingredients for health and beauty products around here. And, I love using what I have on hand, so here is what I have been using for a while now. Tallow Lotion Bars.

First, gather all your ingredients.

You will need:

  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup tallow
  • 1/2 cup palm oil
  • 1 cup beeswax
  • Essential oils- I used Rosemary, Peppermint, Lavender and Orange for mine.
  • In a heat-proof container, add the oils and beeswax.  I put my glass measuring cup in a pot of boiling water.  Heat on medium high heat until all the oil is melted.

    Pour all the melted oil in molds.  I used a muffin tin here. At this point, add your essential oils. One has 20 drops lavender and 15 drops rosemary, another has 20 drops lavender and 20 drops peppermint, and then I had 20 drops orange and 15 drops rosemary and the last had 20 drops lavender, 20 drops peppermint and 15 drops orange with 10 drops rosemary. Let cool completely and pop out! You may want to stick them in the fridge to make getting them out easier.

    Viola, hard lotion bars!

    During high heat/humidity season, so I store these in the fridge.

     I don’t know if they will melt because of the beeswax, but I am not wanting to take chances with a huge mess.  Besides, the cooling lotion is soo nice after being outside in the heat!

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    • http://wasthataChristmasCake? judy

      how do you use this as lotion for the skin?

      • Heather

        You just rub the bar over your skin…your body heat will “melt it” as you do.

    • Anonymous


    • Chrystal @ Happy Mothering

      This sounds so easy! I have been hearing about how great tallow is for skin, so I’ll have to give this a try!
      Chrystal @ Happy Mothering recently posted…Egg Cups: An Easy Make Ahead Breakfast IdeaMy Profile

    • Elise

      Love it! We don’t usually have much tallow to be creative with, but last fall, DH got a super fat deer. I’ve been saving the fat to make candles, but now I wanna try lotion bars too!

    • Merissa @ Little House Living

      I love making lotion bars but I haven’t made them with tallow yet. I may have to try it next time!
      Merissa @ Little House Living recently posted…Homemade Heating Pad and CoverMy Profile

    • Billie

      How do you get yours to not smell “beefy”? I made some lotion with tallow and have had to add so much other oils to it to get the smell to be less noticeable. Love your website!

      • Heather

        thanks, Billie! To be honest, it MAY smell beefy to others and I just don’t notice it 😉

      • Jess

        Lavender EO works well for masking the beefy smell in my experience :)

    • Jess

      This recipe makes an awesome lip balm as well! I pour it into empty lip balm stick containers :)

    • Stefanie @

      Do you know how else you can get tallow? These look really awesome!
      Stefanie @ recently posted…The #1 Rule For Defending Faith (That No One Will Tell You)My Profile

      • Heather

        I would call your local butcher shop…they usually give it away or sell it cheaply.

    • Clancy Harrison

      These look amazing and very simple! I pinned for later- thanks!!!
      Clancy Harrison recently posted…Please Don’t Give my 5 Year Old a Birthday GiftMy Profile

    • Leigh

      I have heard tallow is great for your skin especially in winter when our skin is always dry.
      Leigh recently posted…How To Throw A Green New Years PartyMy Profile

    • Amber

      I love a good DIY! Thanks for sharing this idea.
      Amber recently posted…Wintertime Herbal Infused Whipped Body Butter RecipeMy Profile

    • ccassara

      They look interesting, how are they used?

      • Heather

        just rub them on your body where you want. your body heat will “melt” them into a soft soothing lotion that you don’t even really have to rub in.

    • Kara Carrero

      They turned out beautiful too!

    • Heidi Ramsey

      I’ve always wanted to try lotion bars. I think they would be really nice for feet :)

    • Clancy Harrison RD

      I cannot wait to try this. You make is look and sound so easy. Thank you.