5 Easy Tips to Keeping Your House Clean

I worked in the restaurant business for over 15 years, and more than 10 of that as a waitress. I learned a few tricks to working efficiently that I carry over with me in my housework. These are my 5 easy tips to keeping your house clean.

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Clean as you go

That should go without saying, but if you wipe off a counter in the kitchen when you are done preparing a meal, wipe out the bathroom sink right after brushing your teeth, or putting away that book or magazine as soon as you are done reading it, you’ll save a lot of time.

Find a place to file your mail, bills, receipts, etc and do that immediately.ย When you get a bill in the mail, consider setting up an automatic bank payment that day for the due date of the bill. That keeps the paper clutter down to a minimum, and you will save money because you don’t forget to pay a bill on time.

Never walk around empty handed

This is the biggest lifesaver ever. If you go from your living room to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, bring that breakfast plate with you. If you see some one left their shoes in the bathroom, have the offender put them away right away.

Grab a dust cloth on your way from the laundry room and give the flat surfaces a quick “once over”. If you have to wait on someone to get their shoes on to go out the door, empty the trash can and take it with you.

Follow a routine

Clean the bathrooms fully on Tuesdays, vacuum on Wednesdays, wash towels on Thursdays. Following the same routine daily for your housework will help you stay on top of things without breaking your back.

Declutter in 15 minutes

Spend only 15 minutes a day decluttering a shelf, drawer, or room. Don’t take out more than you can do in 15 minutes. Do this as a break from cooking, working at a desk, or if you need to get the kids involved in something to distract them from arguing with each other (not that we’ve ever done that….).

This is also good if you work at home like I do and need a “brain break”. In the restaurants, we had to “deep clean” certain areas daily, and it took making sure that area didn’t have a lot of junk on, or around it first.

Keep only what you love or use

This is getting to be the “in” thing…keeping only what you love, find beautiful or to be useful. There is something to be said for having less to clean up and less to take care of. Having only 1 9×13 baking pan forces you to clean it out as soon as you are done with it. Having less clothes is less to have on the floor, or less to have to wash. In the kitchen, having only 1 set of measuring spoons or cups means less to have to wash later after baking.

Keeping what you really love means that you will use it, and most likely take better care of it. When I had more than 3 muffin pans, I didn’t really care if one or two got rusted out as I “had others”…now that I am down to only 1, I make sure that it stays clean and dry right after use.

Those are the things that I do to keep my house running well, and fairly clean. Yes, life happens and my house “gets trashed” at times, but with this system in place, it’s much easier to get back to where I like it.

What are some of your tips for keeping your house clean?

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25 thoughts on “5 Easy Tips to Keeping Your House Clean”

  1. I am always carrying stuff I find in one room to the next room to declutter. I just wish the hubby or kids thought like that too. I also wish my kids didn’t wat like cookie monster and leave crumbs all over the place.

  2. Holly @ My Plant-Based Family

    I need a routine. We’ve gotten better lately and have been cleaning on the weekends. I invite people over often so I have a deadline.

  3. Great tips! I am so bad about this, but it’s one of my goals this year keep my apartment cleaner so this is really helpful. Stopping by from your SITS Girls Tribe.

  4. Great tips! I love the one about taking stuff with you as you walk from room to room in your home. I often forget to do this, and have to go back for a second trip. Although, this is probably good exercise. ๐Ÿ™‚ Since I stay at home, the house has been much cleaner because I can keep up on it better than I used to when I was working outside the home. Lovely blog! Stopping by from SITS.

  5. Yes, yes, and yes! And I find that just as junk attracts junk, clean attracts clean. If you keep it pretty picked up, it’s easier to keep it that way and get even cleaner all the time. Once you get behind, it’s hard to catch up…especially when you add a couple of kiddos to the mix. Found you via SITS!

  6. I really need to put these tips into action! I’m so bad at keeping up with cleaning and I really should do a better job of it. I swear, wherever I go a mess ends up following, so it’s something I need to work on for sure, haha. It would especially be good if I start getting into a routine and cleaning up before I have children. I can only image the mess there will be then!

  7. Leigh (@greenforu)

    We have a motto in our house no trip goes empty handed… which means we cannot go up or down stairs without something that needs to move to different floor. I love your tips, I need to follow them.

  8. Erica C @ Mama's Mission

    These tips are really great. The offenders outweigh me in this house. I am forever picking up. They walk over and around everything as if its not really there. Sometimes I feel like there simply isn’t enough time in a day.

  9. Those are some really easy, time saving tips! I try not to walk empty handed, but I end up forgetting something that I need to take on the trip back or get distracted by something else I need to do. Hah – need to work on my memory, I suppose.

    PS- I found you via BYB.

  10. This is my biggest challenge – cleaning and keeping it that way! We are a family of 5, but most days it feels like no matter what I do, I am the only one picking up stray shoes and putting dirty dishes in the kitchen. I think my first step needs to be decluttering and getting rid of stuff we don’t need. It’s hard to find a place for everything if you have too much stuff.

    Thanks for the tips.

  11. Danelle Ice (Home Ever After)

    Never walk empty handed is one of my faves, especially since we live in a 2 story house now. It’s always easy to grab something that belongs upstairs on a trip up there and put it away!

  12. These five ideas are something I could keep in my head and follow. Now I just need to get a schedule in place. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m stopping by from 100 Days Challenge and looking forward to gleaning more wisdom from your blog.

  13. I love these tips! I need to share them with my small people. They seem oblivious to anything on the floor, counter, stairs, etc., that doesn’t belong there. Maybe if I can get them to buy in and at least clean up as they go and never walk around empty handed, our house will stay neater.

  14. Thanks for the easy tips that will help you to clean your house properly. I can bet that if one follow these tips can easily clean their
    house. Cleaning all the areas will help you maintaining your house good look.

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