Ginger Syrup-How To Make It And Can It

Why would we want to make ginger syrup? Well, to start with, my family used to be a bunch of pop addicts.

This came from my “couponing” days, when I would find great deals on pop of all kinds, and buy it just because it was a great deal. I have reduced the amount of pop we drink. I don’t like the high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors.

The amount of sugar in a can of cola is 3 Tablespoons! That’s enough sugar for an entire day for a person. Too much sugar can cause your immune system to get sluggish. It can also lead to diabetes, tooth decay, and hormonal imbalances. I knew I wanted a healthier life for my family, so we had to cut the pop out.

When we DID drink pop, it was usually ginger ale.

My kids, hubby and I all loved it. I liked the spicy flavor, and the fact it was caffeine free.  While transitioning from the bottled soda, we bought  a soda stream.  However,  the syrup add-ins are full of high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, and other stuff I really don’t want my family to have.

The next best thing? Make my own ginger syrup to add!  This ginger syrup is the perfect syrup to make for homemade ginger-ale.  I tried it, we loved it, and so I decided to make a huge batch to have on hand all the time.
Make a batch of this ginger syrup and can it up for long term storage. Have it on hand for homemade ginger ale, upset tummies and more! The Homesteading Hippy

It starts with a ginger simple syrup recipe. That is equal parts of sugar and ginger infused water.

Some of our favorite ginger syrup uses are for upset stomachs. Just one teaspoon of this ginger syrup helps to settle upset stomachs. The ginger syrup itself is easy to make. You could easily cut this recipe down for smaller batches.

If you need to make a smaller batch of ginger simple syrup, just store it in the fridge. You could also add a bit of mint extract to the finished syrup, or when adding to carbonated water for a special kick. I like to have a lot on hand, therefore, I make a huge batch every time we need it.

Begin by cutting up two big hands of ginger.  A hand of ginger refers to a piece about the size of your hand. You can find them “hand sized” in the grocery store produce aisles. What you want is about 8 ounces for this ginger syrup recipe.

In a large stock pot, bring to a boil 6 cups of water and 6 cups of sugar.  Add cut ginger.  I don’t usually bother to peel the ginger for this recipe. If you choose to do that, try and source organic fresh ginger.

Bring the ginger syrup to a boil, boil 10 minutes.  Turn off heat, cover, and allow to steep for 90 minutes.

After steeping is done, drain the ginger syrup into another pot.  Bring syrup back to a full rolling boil while jars are in a boiling water bath.  Fill pint sized jars to 1/4″ headspace and process for 30 minutes. To use, add 1/2 cup per 1 liter of carbonated or mineral water.

Have you ever made a ginger simple syrup recipe? What would you use it for first?

26 thoughts on “Ginger Syrup-How To Make It And Can It”

    1. I honestly never measured the weight…I just got two biggish sized hands from the store…they were the full hands if that helps

  1. Is it possible to use Stevia or some other sweetener instead of sugar? Trying to keep sweetness but not give my husband diabetes with so much sugar in foods.

    1. if you are making a small batch to use right away, I don’t see why stevia wouldn’t work…However, I am not totally sure of the safety factor with stevia in canning. If you need to use an alternative sugar, just make enough to use within a week or two.

    2. Antoinette E. Stokes

      Thanks for the recipe. Headed to purchase the carbonated water. I’m looking forward to the outcome.
      Thanks, again.
      Stay safe and Healthy!


    3. I make mine using honey. It’s more expensive, but…my mom always said, it’s better to pay the grocer instead of the doctor, meaning what you eat can make or break your health. You can also use this syrup in a multitude of ways. I have it on ice cream, add it to green tea….

  2. Since this is low acid, shouldn’t you include instructions on how to acidify it in order to make it safe for water bath canning? Sugar is not a “preservative” and does not prevent the growth of botulism spores.

    1. There is only ginger infused water and sugar. A basic simple syurp. there is no need for pressure canning of simple syrup.

  3. Using the 2 hands of ginger how many pints of syrup would you get to can ? I would want to have enough jars ready for use.

        1. The sugar liquifies which is why you end up with more liquid than you started with. This is why, generally, in baking you add sugar as a “wet” ingredient.

  4. Sheri Cline - WA. State Zone 8b

    I like your idea of making the Simple Syrup and having it ready-to-go in the pantry. I keep a small jar of Ginger Bug on my counter and when I need a “sweet hit” I dip the tip of a spoon into it and savor the flavor! So satisfying!

    1. How long can the ginger bug sit out? Do you strain it or just let it keep fermenting? Do you add sugar/water? If so how often/how much? Do you use it for “soda”?

      1. Heather Harris

        this isn’t a ginger bug. It’s ginger syrup. The difference is that this ginger/sugar/water isn’t fermented.

  5. Hi Heather,
    I am thrilled to find your ginger syrup recipe. YUM. I will pass it on to my friend who is crazy for it too. Love ginger. Great if one has an upset tummy too.
    Thanks for sharing your recipe Heather.
    Looking forward to cruising the rest of your site.
    Have a great day.
    Nova Scotia

  6. I live in Miami & grow ginger in pots. I get big batches of ginger at a time & make ginger syrup that we use instead of maple syrup. Also use ginger syrup in tea for almost-chai. Thanks for canning info!

  7. I have made this many times and we love it. I like to add it to sprite or a lemon lime soda and add a squirt of lemon. I spoonful of this is wonderful in hot teas of any kind. For us it is also a remedy for a queasy tummy.

    I have canned this with Splenda and other sweeteners. I find that the sweetener precipitates to the bottom of the jar, and the texture is not quite as good (to me). I am a diabetic so this was a disappointment. If anyone has a remedy I would be glad to know.

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