How to Hard Cook Eggs in a Solar Oven

Summer is my favorite season. Truly. Everything in the garden is in full swing, the chickens are laying eggs non stop, new life is growing all around the homestead.

It’s a great time to experiment with new recipes with veggies from the garden as well. But, the heat in the kitchen from cooking is unbearable at times. Especially since we don’t have air conditioning.

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So, during the heat of the summer, and even in the winter, we cook with our Solar Oven.

Cooking in a solar oven harnesses the power of the sun.

It keeps the heat out of the kitchen, and you can make just about anything in a solar oven that you would in a regular oven, or a stove top! From whole chickens, to bread and desserts, you can do it all!

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What I really like about cooking in a solar oven, besides the ability to cook anywhere, is that it’s basically free energy.

Just position the oven and line the dots up with the sun’s rays to get the best heat.

The inside of the oven is black and holds the heat in, and the glass cover is water tight to keep that heat in and surrounding your food.

The aluminum shields will help harness the sun’s light to heat the oven and cook your food. Not much sun? No worries!

The oven will even work great if their isn’t a lot of sun, too! Watch the quick video I did showing the eggs in the oven:

The eggs were in the carton, placed directly in the oven for about 2 1/2 hours.

Once removed, they were very hot and fully cooked. I actually burned my finger tips a bit trying to peel the first one, but they peeled very nicely, I think.

Our chickens are free ranging, and have lots of access to bugs, dirt and sunshine. That helps to give their yolks a deep, rich color that is just beautiful.

What would you make first in your solar oven?

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