How To Make Vanilla Sugar

Baking treats, muffins, quick breads and more just got taken up a notch with this homemade vanilla sugar.

This sugar is perfect for adding just a touch of vanilla flavor, and is great for when you don’t have any extract on hand. It’s also great for sweetening tea, coffee, kombucha and other beverages.

Vanilla sugar makes a great gift for that “hard to buy for person”, that budding chef, or anyone who loves vanilla! 

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What you need to make your own vanilla sugar:
1 vanilla bean for every cup sugar
1 cup sugar for every vanilla bean
jar with tight lid

Gently run the knife down the bean to get all the “beany goodness”. Put the vanilla goodness and the beans into a jar and add your sugar. This is my preferred method, but you could also just break them up into pieces into the sugar.

I used raw, unrefined sugar for this as I like the bigger grains for added flavor. Of course, you can use any sugar you would like for this and it would taste just as wonderful. Close the lid, give it a gentle shake, and in a week or so, you will have awesome smelling vanilly sugar!

Store in a cool, dry area.

I never remove the beans as I use the sugar. If one of the bean pieces falls out, I simply let it be added to the recipe. The pieces are small enough that it doesn’t pose an issue. When I run out, I simply add more sugar to the beans. I think I am able to do this about 3-4 times before the beans seem to be “spent” and have no more vanilla flavor or scent.

Have you made your own vanilla sugar before? Will you try this recipe?