Is Homeschooling Right for YOU?

homeschooling is it right for you ? Check out this new podcast series where we discuss the pros and cons of home education! The Homesteading Hippy #homesteadhippy #fromthefarm #homeschooling

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Homeschooling is on an upward trend from when it was first really pioneered in the 1980’s.

It started with a group of parents who felt that they could do a much better job than the state in educating their children. It is estimated that over 1.5 million children are currently being homeschooled, mainly counting the age ranges of 5-17, which is the customary compulsory age. {source}

There are as many different reasons WHY to homeschool as there are children being homeschooled.

We are going to explore some of these on today’s podcast, highlighting some of the most popular. From wanting an individualized education for their child, to having a special needs child, to a child that wants to be far more advanced than traditional education will allow, what I have found is that homeschooling helps parents to feel they are serving their children best.

Our first, and most popular reason was scheduling.

Parents wanted to be with their kids more, instead of having them gone 7-10 hours a day with traditional schooling. They wanted more control over when the school “year” started and stopped, as well as being able to travel and take advantage of different activities during the off season. For example, being able to visit national parks later in the fall when other kids were in school and the parks were not as busy.

Another popular reason was that parents wanted to be with their children when they “got it”

Referring, of course, to understanding a concept. They enjoyed the idea of seeing the spark in their child’s eyes as fractions were finally understood, or when a science experiment came to life. Many expressed concern that their children would have their creativity “sucked dry” from them in a traditional school experience and they wanted to avoid that however possible.

A third popular reason was religious.

Parents wanted to feel in control of what their child was learning, with regards to morals, religion and how they felt best to live. Not all the parents I talked to were “Christian”, as some were of other religions, or claimed no religion at all. But, they wanted to be the ones to share with their children their own ideas of the universe, life and death, and controversial issues like abortion, birth control, homosexuality and so on.

I’ll be talking with some homeschooling parents and letting them share their own stories in future weeks.

Stay tuned to learn more, as well as what curriculum to use, how to schedule your days and so on!

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5 thoughts on “Is Homeschooling Right for YOU?”

  1. Dude, I did NOT know you were doing a podcast–good for you!!! I’m nearly done homeschooling–2015/16 will be my last year, but I’m listening anyway! Good to hear your voice, friend! 🙂

    1. Loved it–great job! We started homeschooling to protect our children–from bullies, from modern ideologies that we didn’t agree with, and so that we could teach them what we believe. For the most part it has worked out, but the internet peer groups tended to work against us the same way that school peer groups and the school system would have. It was hard to find that out after 19 years or so of homeschooling. Not that I’m saying that kids shouldn’t be using the internet–sometimes that’s the socialization that they are getting at certain times in the year, and it’s important because this is how we are communicating with each other largely. I’m just saying that keeping in mind that there is still a peer group that we don’t control, per se, when we allow them on the net is a good thing. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear your next podcast! 😀

      1. It’s crazy how quickly technology has grown to allow for more bullies and such, right? When I was a kid, you could hide from a bully at home or with your parents. Now, they are everywhere, on social media or even your phone! I am grateful for the chance to protect my kids until they are old enough to start working toward changing that and the world they live in!

  2. Great points! I see so much home school information now….it was not like that when my kids were young!

    Thanks again for linking up with Green Thumb Thursday. I hope you’ll stop back this week!


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