How To Organize Your Home on a Budget

There are always areas in the house where clutter seems to build up, and organizing those spaces can feel like an overwhelming project to tackle.

Instead of spending a small fortune to organize, what can you do to get it under control cheaply? Clutter tends to accumulate more in the kitchen and pantry areas, or in your kid’s bedrooms.

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Lots of new items come in, but not as much go out. Clean out clutter and start organizing your home today!

How do you go about organizing your home? Some tips to think about:

  • Set a timer for 15 minutes, and only take out what you can finish in that amount of time.
  • Establish simple routines that you can do regularly to avoid clutter from creeping back up on you.
  • Shine your sink to help keep kitchen clutter free (from
  • Use a laundry basket as you clean a room to place items in that belong somewhere else. Empty it out daily.
  • Empty the trash as soon as it’s full.
  • Wipe out the bathroom sink each time you are done using it.
  • Remove 27 items each day from your life. This will help clean out clutter easily. Toss or donate these items.

How about some cheap ways to organize your home? These 25+ cheap organization tricks will have you getting clutter under control in no time at all!

Budget Home Organization Ideas / How To Organize for Cheap, HomeGoods & Target Organize With Me

Organization tips for bedrooms

The bedroom can be a quick hot spot of junk piled up on dressers, nightstands and more. When there are piles everywhere, it can make it hard to shut your brain off and get a good night’s rest.

Organizing your bedroom to cut clutter may help you rest and be more productive in the long run. Set a timer for 15 minutes, and only do one project at time to avoid getting overwhelmed.

For the adults:

  • Clear out clothing that is ripped, stained, doesn’t fit, or you don’t love. In January, turn all the hangers facing backwards. Hang them up normally as you wear the clothing. In June, get rid of all the clothing that is still on a backwards hanger.
  • If you have a headboard, take advantage of the space. You can easily create simple shelves out of reclaimed wood for storage.
  • Add a storage ottoman to create storage AND a place to sit in your room.
  • Add bookshelves that go high up on your wall to take advantage of the space.
  • Move an unused coat rack from the entry way to hang scarves, jackets, purses and hats on.

For the kids’ rooms:

  • Instead of buying lots of drawer organizers, use old shoe boxes. Cut them in half, length-wise or width-wise, and lay them in an empty drawer. They create great dividers that can be used to organize socks and underwear.
  • Hang a peg board on the inside of your child’s closet and attach “S” hooks. Use this space to hang up hats, belts, jewelry, hair ties, and any other small items that are just lying around.
  • Drape a fish net from the ceiling and use it to store stuffed animals, action figures, dolls, and larger toys so you can get them off the floor.
  • Use a cupcake tin or muffin pan to organize tiny toys and hair accessories that don’t seem to have a home.
  • Hang a laundry basket from the door at their height to get it off the floor.

Organization tips for kitchens

When your kitchen is clean and organized, the creative juices for meals flow better. It’s much easier to create healthy meals when you have space to do it and can actually FIND the items you need.

To see how to create an inventory for your kitchen with a FREE printable list, read the post here. 

  • Use old baby food jars for fresh or dried herbs and spices. Use fabrics, paint, and other craft supplies to decorate the lids. Add a magnet and store on the fridge.
  • Keep a magnetic notepad on the refrigerator to keep a running list of what you need from the grocery store. When it’s time to go shopping, just grab your list and go.
  • Use 3-ring binders to store your recipes and take-out menus. Add sheet protectors to keep all of your pages clean.
  • Place a basket on the kitchen counter for mail, your kids’ permission slips, and anything else that may need your attention. You can go through everything in the basket once a week to keep your counter tops from getting cluttered.
  • Organize your junk drawer by placing an egg carton or paper cupcake liners in them to catch and sort all the little items.
  • Hang a tension rod under your kitchen sink to hang your cleaning products and spray bottles so you can free up extra space.
  • Add a towel bar or curtain rod to hang pot lids on.
  • Organize your freezer by adding magazine racks for shelves. Lay them on their side and use to store flat items or smaller items like popsicles, ice cream bars and precooked freezer meals.
  • Use cheap plastic organizers in your utensil drawer to maximize space.
  • Add a basket in the fridge for “fast food” meals. Put lunchmeat, sliced cheese, mayo, lettuce, mustard, and other sandwich fixings for a quick meal even younger kids can manage.
  • Make a knife rack to hang knives out of reach of children, but easy to grab while doing meal prep.
dried herbs in baby food jars

Organization tips for the pantry

Keep your pantry clear and make that hidden box of spaghetti easier to find. Organizing your pantry can help you save money, too, as you will be less likely to buy things you don’t need.

To see how to create a pantry par level system, read the post here. 

  • Organize similar items together using plastic bins. Package mixes of sauces and gravy can go in one, chips and cookies in another, boxes of rice and pasta in another.
  • Keep a small basket on a lower shelf, and fill it with snacks so your kids can help themselves.
  • Use white address labels or a label maker to label your pantry shelves so you know where something belongs.
  • Use a tea or cookie tin to store condiment packets such as hot sauces, soy sauce, ketchup, etc.
  • Keep a lazy Susan in your pantry, and fill it with smaller items that you frequently use so they are easy to find.
  • Store cupcake pan liners in a mason jar to keep them tidy.
  • Use a magazine rack, attached to the inside wall of the pantry to store aluminum foil, wax paper and more.
  • Use a command hook on the side of flour, cereal, or rice bins to hang a measuring cup for easy measuring!

Getting organized doesn’t have to break the bank; in fact, you can already find most of what you need in your house or at a discount store.

Organizing cluttered areas will not only help you feel less overwhelmed, it will also make things a lot easier to find. What are some ways you organize your home?

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  1. These are great and some are so immediate I can do them with what I have on hand! Thank you for posting this – you always make my life easier and healthier!

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