41 PDF Gardening Resources To Download for Free

Gardening books and courses can get expensive fast. If you want to learn more about gardening without breaking your budget, there is plenty of information available.

To get you started, here are 50 free gardening downloads that you can start reading right now…

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Gardening eBooks

The Gardener’s Secret Handbook by Mike McGroarty

Gardening doesn’t have to be hard. This e-book by Mike McGroarty shares his simple tips for gardening success that will make gardening easier and more enjoyable.

Home Vegetable Gardening by F.F. Rockwell

This book is a practical guide for planting a productive fruit and vegetable garden. It covers the entire growing season as well as pest control.

24 ½ Garden Design Ideas by Robert Pavlis

Robert Pavlis examines and analyzes garden layouts so you can learn to develop an eye for your own garden design. You’ll be able to develop your own garden plans after examining other people’s lawns and gardens.

Seed Germination Theory and Practice by Norman C. Deno

For a detailed and deep look at how germination works, check out this publication by Norman C. Deno. This scholarly article will help you get your garden off to the right start.

Organic Gardening by Seedsnow.com

Do you want to be successful at organic gardening but don’t know where to start? Check out this free e-book by seedsnow.com.

They are committed to helping everyone succeed at organic

gardening. Make sure to check out their grow guides while you are downloading the e-book from their website.

Almost Organic: Green Gardening Tips for the Practical Gardener by Don Evans

If you aren’t ready to commit to being fully organic, you can still employ some of the principles of organic gardening for a healthier garden with this free downloadable book.

This practical book will help you keep pests and weeds under control while reducing your dependence on herbicides and pesticides.

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Flower, Herb, Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Gardening Second Edition by Greg Dinneen

For the busy, or lazy gardener, you might just love this book on making gardening easier. This guide will help you choose the right plants.

Garden Design and Landscaping – The Beginner’s Guide to the Processes Involved with Successfully Landscaping a Garden (an overview) by Rachel Matthews

If you are new to landscaping and design, you’ll want to check out this free book by Rachel Matthews. She’ll give you an overview on what you need to know to get started landscaping your garden – or hiring someone to do it for you.

Manual of Gardening by L.H. Bailey

This book of ancient gardening wisdom starts with the premise that there is no soil that won’t grow something. L.H. Bailey firmly believes you will get out of your garden what you put into it. If you don’t know where to start with your garden, then start with this book.

The Garden Prime-A Practical Handbook on Gardening For Beginners (1910)

This is a quaint little book that is just filled to the brim with information for new gardeners.

Gardening for the Million

This encyclopedia of plants lists as many plants as you can imagine in alphabetical order. Keep this reference guide handy as you learn about plants.

Herb Gardening for Beginners by Robert Donaldson

Herbs are key ingredients to creating delicious dishes. This book will teach you how to get started with growing fresh herbs for your culinary creations.

The Holistic Gardening Handbook by Phil Nauta

Download this e-book to learn to improve your garden by focusing on soil health. Build soil and prevent pest infestations naturally by growing your soil.

A Vegetable Garden for All by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

This PDF was created as a manual for growing vegetables in order to help families overcome food scarcity through growing their own food. It touches on everything from planting seedlings, to tool care, harvesting, and preservation, as well as hydroponics and animal husbandry.

Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home scale Permaculture

This downloadable PDF is your get-started guide to permaculture gardening. This guide will help you understand how to work with nature using the permaculture principles so that your gardening experience will be easier and more productive.

The War Garden Victorious by Charles Lathrop Pack

Bring history and gardening together with this free book that explains victory gardening during the war. Although this book is from the early 1900s, it has a lot of offer on the subject of victory gardens and their importance to growing healthy food for your family.

How to Start a Vegetable Garden by the Farmer’s Almanac

The Farmer’s Almanac is a treasury of knowledge for beginner and expert gardeners. This downloadable PDF will help you start your veggie garden for the first or 50th time.

From the Ground Up by Robin Mittenthal

For the beginner and experienced gardener, Robin Mittenthal created this resource to get you started in organic gardening. The extensive table of contents means you can skip to the parts you need the most.

Gardening 101: How to Grow Your Own Food by County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency

Victory Gardens San Diego strives to help people grow their own food. You’ll want to get your hands in the dirt with this publication about organic and permaculture gardening.


Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet

Download this cheat sheet and keep it handy! It is a quick and easy reference for how and when to plant popular vegetables and a few tips and tricks, too.

How Much to Plant Per Person

It can be hard to figure out how many of each kind of vegetable to plant per person. This infographic will help you figure it out.


Container Gardening

If you are brand new to container gardening, you might want to get your feet wet with this little introduction to container gardening. You can grow many different vegetables in containers.

Raising Vegetables in Mini Gardens by University of Alaska Fairbanks

Start here if you only have room for a mini garden. This short PDF will help you understand plant spacing and depth so that you can make the most of your small garden space.

Gardening in Small Spaces by the University of Kentucky

Read this document for more ideas on how to garden in small spaces. You’ll learn about raised beds and square-foot gardening in this document by the Cooperative Extension Service of the University of Kentucky.

Raised Bed Gardening by the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

The Oklahoma Coooperative Extension Service tells you how to get started with raised bed gardening. Sue Gray discusses the benefits of creating raised garden beds and shares the dimensions and materials you need to build your own.

Starting the Garden with Transplants by the University of Florida IFAS Extension

There are many benefits to starting your garden with transplants. This document from the University of Florida IFAS Extension will tell you how and why you should start your garden with transplants.

Growing Vegetables from Seed by the University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service

The Ag Extension Service of the University of Tennessee shares how to start vegetables from seed. They’ll show you how to prepare your garden, plant the seeds, and care for them.

Drip Irrigation for the Yard and Garden by the Washington State University Extension

If you have a garden, you’ll need a means to water it. The Washington State University Extension offers an overview of drip irrigation for both your yard and your garden.

Vegetable Garden Basics by the University of California Agricultural and Natural Resources

This short PDF from the University of California walks you through the basics of starting your own vegetable garden. Although the information is partly geared towards growing in California, the principles can be used anywhere.

Vegetable Garden Calendar by UGA

If you’ve ever wondered what to do for your garden when, you will want to read this PDF. This PDF explains the two planting seasons and what to do for your garden during each month of the year.

Greenhouse Manual by United States Botanic Garden

Although this manual is aimed at educators, anyone interested in greenhouses will benefit from this information. This manual will help you plan for, budget, and begin greenhouse gardening.

Vegetable Gardening in Containers by Agrilife Extensions

Not everyone has the space for a traditional garden. However, there are plenty of vegetables you can grow in containers. This guide teaches you how.


Garden Success Plan Notebook

This adorable printable is completely free if you sign up for the newsletter. It will help you plan and track your seeds and seedlings, their needs, and how much they produce so you can make your garden even better the following year.

Garden Planner

This free printable will help you plan and track your garden. As an added bonus, it includes a square-foot planting guide.

Dibble Planting Guide

If you have a dibble, you’ll need a dibble planting guide. Try this one, it’s free!

Companion Planting Guide

Companion planting is a great way to help your garden be more productive. You can download this companion planting guide for free if you sign up for the newsletter at faithfilledfoodformoms.com.

Garden Journal Printables

Help your children connect to nature with their very own garden journal.

Elegant Garden Planner

This pretty planner will help you figure out your grow zone and how many vegetable plants you need for your family. You’ll get the free printable when you sign up for their newsletter.

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